Christian Mom

Answer To Prayer.

Less of me

More of You

That is all

I ask of You

Wisdom seeking

On my knees

Tears pour down

Asking please

Heal the hurting

Broken hearts

Bless the weakness

Please restart

Give them courage

Shine through them

Raise them up

Full again

And to the ones

That caused the pain

Please be with them

Please remain

Don’t let their hearts

Harden more

Soften the blow

Don’t settle the score

Please forgive them

They don’t know

They are decieved

Please bestow

Clearer vision

Forgiveness still

Restore desire

For Your will

I see the blast

I see remains

I see the war

I see the pains

I feel the sorrow

I feel the loss

I know this too well

I know the cost

I know the hurt

I remember the sting

I beg you Jesus

With everything

Please be present

Inside these stories

Please shine radiant

In all Your Glory

You’re presence is great

Reaching out to You

Christian women

Crying out, it’s true

I raise them up!

In Your Great Name!

Raise them up Lord!

We are one in the same

I cry out

Rebuke the blast

I say your name


The First and The Last!

Alpha, Omega!

None can surpass

The Angels in Heaven

Surround and will cast

Out the enemy

He is trying in vain

Your power is Greater!

I am saying YOUR NAME!

Jesus, my Savior!

Please hold them through

Let them rest in your arms

As Your Will, You will do

Your purpose fulfilled

All that I ask

Is they will be blessed

As You fulfill the task

The learning is painful

And so we can see

That you have designed us

To crave more of Thee.

I give it to you, Lord

The stories are new

The three that have come

Are trusting in You

Prayer is so powerful

So in prayer, I remain

Because I know too well

That soul-crushing pain

Empathy great

Perhaps that is why

A reason it happened

So that I can cry

And receive all the words

They say unto me

I can passionately pray

Lord please, you can see

I know that you love them

That I love them, too

The Spirit unites us

And so You will do

I’m praying for them

Together with these

People who read this

We are asking you please

United together

In solemn prayer

Please heal the hurting

Undeniably there

You reveal yourself

In powerful ways

I know you are hearing

All of my praise

And all of the blessings

That You do bestow

Please give them, as well,

To the hurting I know

Reaching out

Bruised and in pain

Heal them, Sweet Jesus

Don’t let them remain

Down in that sorrow

Raise them up, in your Will

Help them to realize

The love You can fill

Fill them with Hope

As they walk in Your Light

We give this to YOU LORD

For You know what is right

In Your Name, Jesus,

We ask this of You

Less of me, Jesus,

In all that I do.


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