The Longest Rhyme Ever Written – America, America – The Last Prayer of Hope.


Happiness Lives

Inside of Me

How? Impossible

This cannot be

How can you feel 

Happy inside

You didn’t win

Shouldn’t you hide

In a colouring room

Or a crying box?

Shouldn’t you hole

Like a sad ol’ fox


I took all your toys

While you were asleep

I took all the things

That you tried to keep

I took all the stuff

That protected you

And still you are smiling

Like a stupid fool


Can’t you see

Freedom disappearing

Can’t you see

History revealing

In front of your eyes

Like Hitler was stealing

It repeats itself

And you were so blind

You didn’t see it

Until you rewind

And look back on life

With 20/20 vision

You didn’t see

The evil mission

Slowly they took

The stuff you love most

And now look at this

They’ll take your hot roast


Not sorry for reference

to Seuss and the Whos

Cause tell me if life

Is fiction or trues?


I’ll tell you the truth

In spite of your say

You see the joy

That guides me this way

It’s buried inside

My soul it springs forth

And now that your asking

My gaze is True North

To heaven, I give

Honor and glory

To heaven, I owe

My true LOVE story

You ask me why joy

Is all that you see

When you took all you could

And not just from me


You took all you could

From the nation of God

Built with the principles

Of men that did trod

And settled this place

With laws that abide

In Godly wisdom

That constitute pride

In a country of God

In whom, they did trust

Bravely they left

And built what they must

Escaped the repression

Of religion-based land

They sailed to find freedom

Obeyed God’s command


Faith based 

Abolished religion

Faith strong

Truth mission

Faith tested

Test passed

Faith strengthened

Blessings cast


God did what?

He blessed this land

He blessed those

Following His Command

For the faithful few

Escaping tyranny reign

This country thrived

With hard-working pain

The land became great

Their legacy cast

They sent freedom abroad

When tyranny blast

And sin reared it’s head

And insanity thrived

Men with sin’s power

Citizens deprived

Innocent lives 

Sent to early graves

Those are the countries

That America saves


It started with ‘Nam

We sent soldiers out

They came back so broken

We spat and we shout

Destroyed what was left

Of empty survivors

We shamefully cast

Down freedom abiders

The shaming of those

Enlisted to save

The freedom you had

That you send to the grave


Immoral America

Soothing with sin

Bathing inside

Of temporary win

Morality is gone

New laws are passed

Destroying the innocent

Darkness now cast

How dare you attack

The minds of the kids

There’s a torturous place

For those pegged to rid

This Land of the children

You want to sedate 

You want them all zombies

That eat from your plate



I’m raising new soldiers

I’m raising mine stronger

With Bible-built shoulders

I’m raising an Esther

I’m raising a David

So shake in your boots

All sinful-irritated 


You think that your lack

of morality will win?

Persecution will spark

Holy war against sin.

(Praise the Lord for that!)

In faith, I still grin.


But now as I sit

And I look at this state

The state of a lost

Self-destructive fate

A country that sadly

Denied Who created

Denied all His power

Denied, and gross stated

The blasphemy prayer

Heard loud and clear

Burns east to west

So now you must fear

Cause you turned the back

Of our only defence

Why would he help us

When you shame and offence

When in blasphemy pray

Words that wake up the dark

You take all God’s Glory

And blow out the spark?


You idiots

I scream

I scream at you now

‘Cause how dare you, I cry

You idiot, cows

You’re not even sheep

There at least, kinda cute

You’re disgusting cows

With no hope, just a heap

Of ready-to-slaughter,

Stand in your crap

How dare you declare

Your spit slimy slap

That disgusting prayer

That shook Holy Ground

This land where I stand

Is not solid now

and I have two babies

To raise in this place

I’m holding both hands

In front of your face

But my hands are not angry

They’re tied up so tight

Laced together

So prayerful their plight


I’m praying such prayers

This Christian heart said


With my face tainted red

My prayers are fervent 

But not to DESTROY

That God would take you

Like a scorned little boy

And teach you a lesson

And change your black heart

And forgive you and love you

And give a fresh start

Cause You know what, you cow

He gave that to me!

So full of sin

He forgave EVEN ME

So solid that truth

The mercy of HIM

I am praying to God

That the righteous will win

I pray He will take you

Turn you on your head

And reveal His great power

Convert black to red


Watch out, you sad cow

Prayer is coming for you

And I pray that you hear

When he reaches for you

One more time

In spite of your heart

That you hardened so cold

I pray that the part

That you play in this life

Is to change and repent

To surrender to God

The energy spent

Trying to destroy


Is given anew

And glory you’ll see


Perhaps if you change

Then others will too

And send a faith wave

Through the RED, WHITE & BLUE

America, AMERICA

GOD shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good, with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea.


From the Sea, back to me?

WHY have joy in my heart?

Why don’t I cringe

Each Day at the start?

Each morning I rise

With Glory inside

Each morning, I rise

With Jesus abide

He is The Alpha

With love, only love

So with love, I rise

With eyes set above

Focused on Him

So gladly, I pray

I pray with a focus

And here’s what I say


Please forgive them 

For they do not know You

Please forgive sin

And all that they do

I pray that one day

That their eyes open clear

And they are so sorry

For this country of fear

For the wrongs that they did

For tearing down walls

Walls of true safety

Against all the thralls

Of devastating sin

That encompasses the rest

You haven’t seen it

Not put to the test


Apathy creeps 

In shadows so stark

It snuck in and grabbed you

While you trusted the dark

The thing that you feared

When you were a kid

Innocent fear

Is real and it rid

You of True care

Any passion inside

It rid you of interest

Of Liberty, Pride

AMERICA, the word

It used to send chills

Of wonder, The greatest

Of beautiful thrills

Our Flag, Blew the Greatest

Country on earth

That was the land

That knew it’s true worth


Now apathetic

Sad, solemn state

Gone are the people

Who thought it was great


Gone are the people

Who fight to save us

Gone are the people 

In God they did trust


Now I’m surrounded

By tell-on-you-folks

Pointing their fingers

Scared brain-washed jokes

A STATE TROOPER attacks you

Cause on a towel you sat

That really happened

To me, it’s a fact.


Apathy got you

Addicted to screens

Lies perpetrated 

Gone are the keen

Self-thinking, passionate

God-fearing men

Now all that live here

Again and again

Hand in their freedom

To a man on a throne

Give it away

Like a dog and it’s bone

Return to it’s master

No brain of their own

The republic is dying

Cause of lies on a phone

Sad, you won’t see it

‘Till your stuck in a line

Begging for food

How sad, oh you’ll pine

You’ll beg for the freedoms

That you gave away

20/20 will mock you

You’ll remember the day


The Toilet paper lack

Didn’t unveil to you

That something’s not right

The Global untruth

You got sucker-punched

‘Cause you were well-primed

And ready for baking

That gross mushy mind

They could have told you

That the earth wasn’t round

And you would have listened

How familiar that sounds…


You doubled-masked up

The second they said

Don’t you see it

Get out of your head

Cause nothing is good

Inside of that place

Don’t you see what your doing

All I see of your face

Your terrified eyes

A forehead of lines

You’re searching for help

And reaching all kinds

Of ridiculous answers

To questions of why

When HE stands there waiting

With arms opened wide!

He is right there in front of you

Saying to you

I created all this

Especially true

That you were designed

By the dust of the ground

I created a miracle

so grand, so profound

That miracle is you

I formed every atom,

Molecular genius

No one can fathom

The power I have

and I love you, so dear

Don’t worry, don’t panic

Don’t live life in fear

You’re searching, so find me

The choice, don’t you see?

You’re giving so much

Why not give now to me?

And you will have answers

Truth given – clearly!


The mask will be gone

That you walked with each day

Before the medical one

Was forced there, I pray

That you see you are loved

By God and His Son

His Spirit is waiting



I suggest you begin

To fear something worse

Than all of the things

Man-made, oh the curse

Beg now for forgiveness

Before it’s too late

Before His back is turned

And we see our true fate

A world of such darkness

When He stops fighting them off

Will you still feel so haughty

So ready to scoff


So “moo” if you must,

But I know that there are some

Who are reading this now

And are tired, they’ll come

To conclusions that realize

That this is the day

To submit themselves

And say this and pray:


Dear Lord, this isn’t working

The mask I wore broke

And I’m tired of living

It’s sad, not a joke

I know you have answers

I know that you know

Please save me from me

Please save me right now

Please help me as I 

start LIVING for you

Please put me together

With Your soul saving glue

I thank you for sending

Your Only Son

Forgiving my sin

I know you’re THE ONE

Who loves me in spite

Of mistakes that I made

Please forgive me, Dear Lord,

The Price that You paid

Your death on the cross

Overcoming the grave

Only You have such power

And now that I’m saved

I give you my life

Please change me inside

Please make myself less

And now please abide

More and more,

Make me more like you

I love you, Sweet Jesus

That much is so true

I pray all these things

To you, Lord Amen

I love you so much

May my new life begin!


I pray that you prayed

Salvation’s Sweet prayer

And that I’ll see you in Heaven

I’ll meet you up there.

Sweet soldier of God

We are working for Him

Let’s work together

Christian life now begin!




  1. Your words are so true. Do not feel alone in these feelings so blue. I too have mourned for a month or two. Then one day in desperate prayer from the pit of worry and American shame, Jesus spoke softly to me, yes, He called me by name. Stop looking to the left or the right, keep your eyes on Me and continue the prayer fight! I am not done with America, her light will shine bright for My Bride is raising herself up to battle in the spirit and continue with My Might! So Sister in Christ, do not believe the lies of no hope and all is lost! His Bride is rising up for we know what sleep has cost! God bless you my friend and yes, till we meet in the end, for His plans and His Kingdom is the song we will sing! God bless America, the Land of the Free, for in Christ there is Liberty and no one can take that from me! God bless you. I enjoyed your Rhyme very much. I’m a WWII daughter and I will stand firm in my father’s pride and promise you, I will be praying right by your side! Thank you for sharing ❤️ I hope you don’t mind my jumping in prayer with you. 🙏😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeek! I love it. Rhyme answered in rhyme. I love it so much. Thank you and yes, I agree, I haven’t given up hope, my hope is in Jesus, not America. Jesus cannot be ruined, broken or lost. Amen. I am just trying to share truth, share hope, share a life of no fear. This team is way better to play for and I want more people to see the light of Jesus. Dear Lord, another day, another day to love you more and shine in the light of your Love. Please be merciful on your people. Please guide us back to you and your grace and forgiveness. Please help the immorality of man to stop and please bring us back to the 10 commandments. Please give strength to new leaders that will run YOUR race and not be ashamed to tell the Gospel truth. I pray that you would be glorified in all things. There is nothing greater than you Jesus, you are the Savior of the world. We humbly surrender to Your will be done in all things. Thank you for loving us so much that you died and rose again to conquer death. Even death on the cross. Thank you for forgiving a wretched sinner like me, I know salvation is for everyone because I am saved. I love you so much, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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