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Not Even Muslims Cover the Faces of their Children – Mask Wearing and Brain Development in Children

Would you like to know what I asked my friend on Sunday? (She is a nurse), “Have the doctors and technicians done any testing on the implications of brain development and masking children. Doesn’t it lower the essential amount of oxygen needed for their little brains to develop?” She said no, they haven’t.

Also then, what are the implications of pregnant women wearing masks, and not getting enough oxygen for their developing babies?

All this mask nonsense makes me want to scream, but come on….kids? It’s down-right child abuse. If you love them, take them off!

Do you know your lungs are not the only thing effected when you don’t breathe enough oxygen? Do you assess all the risks about the government appointed regulations before you sheep-like do them?

Your brain can only go 3 – 6 minutes without oxygen. That’s such a short period of time! According to the CDC – … the brain continues to develop and change into adulthood, the first 8 years can build a foundation for future learning, health and life success.

The first 8 years are so important. The government says for children ages 3 and up to wear masks. It breaks my heart when I see how many sheep-like parents comply to this abuse.

According to Sanford University – Low oxygen levels during brain development may cause particular cells to differentiate too soon, a Stanford-led study found. … Low oxygen levels are a well-known cause of brain injury in premature babies.

Your child is developing at exponential rates in early development years. Government regulations and recommendations subjected on children wearing masks is absolute abuse! Children need all the oxygen they can get for their precious brains develop. So do you, for that matter…

Stop putting masks on your kids. It’s is horrible. Who knows the damage you have already done.

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