Easter Time – Truth in Rhyme

Bunny hopping

Egg popped out

Truly creepy

I cry out!

Who did that?

To this day

Who thought that?

Was a cool way

To celebrate

Any time?

Are you following

This in rhyme

Do you get

What I’m saying?

In blatant truth

I am praying

Let’s dissect

A ridiculous way

That pagan fool

Who robbed away

Jesus death

Upon the tree

The free salvation

For you and me

The most Holy day

Of 365

The only God

Who’s still alive

The only One

Who sent His SON

To die for us

So everyone

Could live with Him

In Heaven above

Sacrifice – Holy

Expressed perfect love

Yet, robbed away

By a fluffy story

About a bunny

Pooping eggs, so gory

There is no place

For those who let

A pagan act

Overtake, forget

The truth of what

This day is for

Holy Jesus,

Settle the score

This day is YOURS

Forever see

That we love you

Oh, Savior, be

Glorified – in every way

Today is yours

We humbly say

We are so sorry

For erasing truth

So sidetracked

In our youth

It seemed so innocent

At the time

But eyes wide open

Through this rhyme

I see that I

Am chastised

I am sorry

Now open eyes

I give to you

All the glory

I’ll change this day

Now tell this story

I’ll celebrate you

I’ll change so fast

Rip down the idols,

Of my past

I didn’t think

I just went along

Just like a sheep

I sang their song

I was misled

Not innocent

The rabbit replaced

The ONE You sent

To die for me

And rise again

I’ll speak of YOU

To all my friends

And we will change

This blessed day

Forget the bunny

And humbly pray

That you continue

To lift the veil

And Your truth, Jesus

Will forever prevail

Don’t let us fall

Away, Dear Lord

Let Heaven with You

Be enough reward

For sinners like us

So much like sheep

Be our Shepherd, Jesus

Please always keep

Us focused on You

For all our days

In Jesus name

We give You praise

Happy Easter


Jesus is alive

The grave UNDONE

They rolled the rock

Away, you see

He is not there

He lives, we’re free

We celebrate you, Jesus

Forever more

Today is YOURS

You opened the door

We are free

Salvation for all

Will you love Him?

And answer His call

Will you receive

Salvation today

Will you give

Him all each day

Will you start

New life in HIM

Today is perfect

I happily grin

It’s joy I feel

Sharing Gospel, true

Let me share

What you may do

Say these words

To Jesus now

Humbly speak

Head is bowed:

Celebrate Easter

Every year

Celebrate Jesus

Never fear

He is with you


Now matter what

Comes your way

Good and bad

Will come and go

And He will be there

Keep him so

Close to you

Every day

He is the truth

The light, the way!

Easter easter

Joyful day

It’s yours Jesus

We love you YAY!

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