Fear’s Adrenaline!

C2D53512-7B3E-4FFC-994C-8B78D32C3F1FControl, control

Oh, can’t you see?

I CAN control

Inside of me

Life is nuts

And I control,

If I let go…

Life will unroll


So when things get

a little scary

I plug in fear

because it’s very


when I feel


It’s power is real


Fear makes scary

Go away

Don’t you see

It is the way.

When I read

This on my phone

I get scared

And feel alone.

So fear comes in

Takes alone away.

Adrenaline comes

Almost every day.


What did you say?

I’m still alone

What?  That scary thing?

Is still on my phone?


How can that be?

I’ll try again

See I’m scared



It didn’t work?

Fear, my best tool?

But fear, I’ve had it

Since grade school…


I depend on fear

Hang on, don’t you?

when things get scary

What do you do?


If fear won’t work

When I feel scared

I’ve lived life


Someone didn’t teach me

The right way

To handle fear

When it comes each day


Especially now

This world is nuts

People like sheep

No glory, no guts

Everyone is bowing

To fear like fools

They are all using

Joy-robbing tools.


So you have answers?

Share with me

Cause adrenaline is slowly

Killing me

My heart is weaker

From that awful feeling

and my hair is cracking

Skin is pealing


Now I’m scared

of being scared

Layered up

so unprepared


Help, I cry!

you’re standing there

Help, I need

answers, prayer…



I feel something inside

He whispered, I heard

“I’m right beside

I’ve been here

for always

I love you, true

all your days”


Huh, I look

I see your face

You’ve told me this

I can’t erase

the smile I see

You know, I know…

and now I’m ready

For you to show

Me how to trust

and not to fear

Cause now I see

and now I hear

The Truth got through

to me today

I stopped fighting

Heard God say.


The only answer

to anything

Is “give it to Jesus”



Here’s an example,

Bad guy attacks

and instead of him

You gut reacts

to attacking yourself

instead of him

It’s not right?

Outcome dim?


But, there are those

blinded, dumb

who won’t listen

sucking thumb

And they will dig

Themselves a grave

death is waiting

IT can’t save.


Also, there are those

Who argue back

Tell me I’m wrong,

I truly lack

Any brains

Inside my head

The things I say,

Faces red

Are way too simple

Please complicate

Make life crazy

Please compensate


I require


Faith is silly

Sin’s gut reaction


Friend, death has got

It’s grip on you

and nothing penetrates

The wall you grew

Sadly, fear is working

For you, Joe,

When you read this

You already know

Fear is great

The perfect tool

For you, who drink

Insanity’s fuel


You repeat

The same wrong thing

Worked first time

You silly, sing

Spinning around

In words wrong

Over and over

Complete ding-dong

Fear is insanity

But you think you’ve won

Using fear expecting

A different outcome

Only to find

You’re in the same spot

Fear didn’t work

but it’s all you’ve got?


Try this solution

And over time

you will see

through the grime


Trust in Jesus

He‘s the only way

to attack fear

Every single day

“God’s got this!”

is great to say

To Anything scary

it must obey!



It must obey?

Say that again,

It must obey!


God is bigger

than the boggy man

God is bigger

Than, than, than

name one thing

That’s bigger, just try

You can’t do it

Sorry, guy


So fear, you have

Nothing to do

Get lost buzzard

God’s bigger than you


Another day

Faith grew much stronger

Another tool

So, I no longer

Spin my wheels

Trying to overcome

God already did

He already won


I no longer

Feel so alone

I shrug at fear

Spewing on my phone

I won’t listen

when people say

fear, fear, fear

“It’s silly” I say


I walk with Jesus


He is much greater

I don’t care

To give my time

To nut-bar fear

To it, I say,

“You lost, dear.”


Fear sits sadly

Shriveling away

dehydrated cause

You grew today


now Joe says

thank you friend 

you helped me see

helped me amend

My way was wrong

my way was blind

you helped me see

helped me find


Thanks for frankly

Talking it out

You didn’t hold back

You have no doubt

That fear is dumb

So I let it go

I’m not scared anymore

Cause now I know

Fear is a lie

And I know the truth

God is much greater

He’s LIVING, proof


Just try one time

And you will see

You’ll realize how fear

Lost it’s grip on me!


ISAIAH 41:10

fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


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