I Pray for our Nation

Dear Lord, I pray for this nation. I pray for all of the Christians in this country that you would ignite a fire within us to be called to action. To begin great works for you. Please help us start speaking in the Light of Your Great Love. Let us submit to Your Will. Let us be messengers of faith, love and support. Please unite us as Esthers of today – for such a time as this. Let us use the talents we have towards good. Let our tongues speak of faith and trust and not complaining and weakness.

Please give us strength to do the missions you have called us to achieve. Bless us as we raise our children to love you and to do Your Will. Please keep us humble at all times and submissive as your children. You have all wisdom and glory, Lord, we submit to Your will alone!

Please bless our local government and our law enforcement. Gentle their spirits to the hate and the discouraging words they have been hearing. Please open their hearts to the great missions of protection and self-sacrifice that they have been called to achieve. I pray that you would bring more God-fearing men and women to those positions and that we would once again be a nation that seeks “In God we Trust”.

We love you so much, Jesus. Thank you for the greatest sacrifice that allows us to live with you in heaven for eternity. We thank you for loving us that much. We ask all these things in your Precious Name, Amen.

Prayer, a gift

I talk to Him

what can I say?

a thought, a whim

A big debate

a gentle sigh

I talk to God

He hears my cry

He created me

oh yes, that’s Him

that’s my God

alive, I grin

the only one

that’s really true

no other one

can hear you

My God! I cry

Life’s really nuts

but I see people

glory, guts

turn to You

each Sunday

not one has passed

not one day

without joyful tears

watching them receive

Brand new lives

cause they believe

alter calls

Prayers to You

people changed

all brand new

so here’s my prayer

Dear Lord tonight

I pray you keep

this awesome light

It’s really different

kinda strange

but so are people

Please arrange

focus us

back on You

keep us faithful

only to do

Your Will, Dear Lord

each blessed day

another prayer

guide us Your Way

in Jesus’ name

we ask of You

Always forever

Your Will be true

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