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I’m an “Influencer” (oh, are you now…)

I don’t have time or energy to give any more to this post. Read past the spelling mistakes and the non-capitalized letters. Get the message alone. Do research.

Use your brain, lift the veil, see God is working and live your life NO LONGER in fear. For God is working. This battle is already defeated and we play for the winning team. Life your hands and rejoice for the tools they are using are already broken.

Brothers and Sisters, this is the eye of the storm. The Lord is revealing His power. We are no longer blind. We see. We repent. We serve the ONE TRUE KING.


are you now?

I step back

curtsy, bow

Didn’t know you’re one of those

didn’t know, see bed, one rose

You have you

that’s all you need

earth is spinning

cause you heed

you’re an influencer?

really man?

but didn’t you just finish

that horrible scam

you can’t get along

with your neighbor

you’re lazy, you’re foolish

so you hire cheap labor

But you don’t show that

on your screen

People don’t know

you’re gross and mean

they only see

a well-dressed guy

Expensive cars

sparkling eyes

that bald head

so polished dude

how’d you do that

it’s spiffy, smooth

helps when you put on

your nice guy mask

helps you command

with all you ask

money disguised

who you really are

an influencer, really?

Teeth sparkle like stars

behind your veneers

are the brown rotten grime

your breath can’t hide

your disgusting slime

the words you speak

your breath, it stinks

it reeks of filth

the sin, it sinks

lower and lower

inside your skin

botox and injections

can’t change within

who knows who

you really are

slimy snake

in a really nice car

see what I’m saying

or must I baaaaaa like them?

following along

disgusting men

influencer many

they’re idols, fools

interrupting Jesus

with the enemy’s tools

don’t fall into

the influencer trap

you’ll be covered

by their sinful crap

when you let money

guide your way

and think that riches

give you more say

and let some dude

driving a Lamborghini

tell you what

In your Mitsubishi

you’re sadly mistaken

thinking his moral compass

is using wisdom

he’s just a dumpas

he has no idea

what’s right or wrong

how society should be

living sin’s sweet song

So now we see

that Unilever

makes a say

a social endeavor

to remove and take

the Boys in Blue

The ones who live

just to do

the things that guy

would never try

sacrifice safety

for the little guy

That guy who speaks

affords a squad team

to keep him safe

so, isn’t that keen

that he can afford

a security force

to keep his family

safe, of course!

but all of us

who do rely

on the boys in blue

to come and try

to save us when

they’re at our door

breaking in

robbing the poor

no, for us

defund police

so our sons and daughters

nephews, niece

moms and dads

uncles aunts

we’ll all wing it

when the evil flaunts

we’ll be fine!

we wave our hands

don’t worry we got this

oh, wise rich man

keep on influencing

the influencer, the voice!!

we are dumb like sheep

we have no choice!


take our guns

so we’re sitting ducks?!

sure!!! That’s great

we’re stupid, shucks

until the day

that fear crept in

and all the liberals

ran and ran

to the doors of the places that I go

to shoot my gun

wouldn’t you know…

the shelves are empty

I can’t buy shots

Who bought those?

I ask, in shock

Guy tells me

the ones who voted

To have them gone

heads so bloated

full of fear! I need a gun!

help I’m scared!

I’m coming undone!


don’t you see?!

you sick addicted

taped to your screen

now so afflicted

so influenced by a fat bald man

telling you defund the police, well damn

I’m sorry guys

I choose my brain

I choose my Jesus

I choose to remain

I choose my Bible

I choose to pray

I choose the straight

and narrow way

I choose support

instead of deny

I choose to lift up

the brave, now why

don’t you grow

some Christian balls

and start speaking

When the idiot calls

and tries to tell you

the earth is flat

You laugh with wonder

at a brain like that

step outside

get some oxygen

I’m sorry to see

all my fellow men

with rotting thinkers

sniffing butts like sheep

I’m over this example

of stinking heaps

Grow up guys

snap out of your trance!

see the light!

stop dancing that dance

Start seeing the light

lift your veil

start hearing your words

stop tucking your tail

start fighting back

There’s more like me!

there’s more who see

with eyes like me

there’s more of us

than ever before!

there’s more of Jesus

Inside hearts once more!

there are more Christians

who serve THE King

Do you know He’s on HIS WAY

did you hear me? Say that say?

He isn’t what, your brain expects

He is a warrior, demands respect

he is tattooed with a name

none can know

he is fierce and mighty

with one word, he’ll show


he isn’t a baby

he’s God. Ring, ring

that resonated…didn’t it

made you tremble, sting

sin trembles at HIS name

of only my Lord!

and with all the power

of heaven’s reward

I call out to Him

CONFUSE this plot

let their words be dumb

let their attempts only rot

let the enemy display

such foolish plans

like this, Dear Jesus

we laugh at them

like the idol worshipping

idiot, fools

who tried to burn

the sacrifice, tools

they used

were not of you

they tried to talk

to Baal to do

only what, oh God on High,

you can accomplish

but still they tried

and Elijah showed them

on that day

how You are GREATER

in every way!

you let them cut

you let them dance

you let them act

in sickening trance

You let them try

for ridiculous hours

until enough!

you displayed OMEGA POWER

The water soaked sacrifice

was decimated

with one spoken word


Praise! I scream

praise to you!

to the pigs!

send these too!

I’ve been praying

all along

for confusion, Lord,

but you reveal – Ding, Dong

at the door

you’re standing stare

look with eyes

see me there!

hahaha, I laugh

I’m sorry, Lord,

I’m sorry I didn’t

see your sword

Confusion IS here

don’t we see it, now!

look what they’re saying!

it’s happening, wow!

the gaslighting is FINISHED

they’re talking like fools

no wisdom at all

they reveal their tools

defund the police?

haha haha I laugh!

remember how Moses got water

from his walking staff?

God parted the SEA?

provided manna

sent the ravens

we sing, HOSANNAH!

The gaslighting is FINISHED

they are SOOOO confused

they things they say

are all contused

we see the bruised

they’re battered in sin

we see that God

will WIN, WIN, WIN

and NO ONE can say


that they make sense

God is settling the score

Confusion is all

they are generating

and so we no longer

are contemplating

And HE is raising up

Christian MEN

Christian LEADERS

to say AMEN

to pray a new prayer

inside congress

to unite the churches

God as our compass

to bring back revival

to this drought filled land

to bring us HOLY WATER

and reprimand


we submit to YOU

we repent of our sin

we will change what we do

we open our BIBLES

we will read to our kids

we pray to you fervant

we will fill up our lids

with heavenly guidance

wisdom from you

take us, Sweet Jesus,

do what you must do

and raise up new soldiers

ready and willing to fight

to bring back the GOSPEL

and do what is right

to speak of SALVATION

to give up on sin

to give all to JESUS

and love Him, within

So influencer’s listen

your day is now done

as Elijah of old

the battle is won

we see through the sickness

of your misguided plans

and we say to you now

fold up your hands

submit to our God

or to the pigs you will run

still, salvation is for you

it’s for everyone

so pray, it’s your chance

to change your forever

I suggest you do it now

every second is never

guaranteed, genius,

you choose him today

that is all I have in me,

all I’ll rhyme for today.

Did you see that picture online? The one that states that Seventh Generation supports defunding the police? Do you know what Seventh Generation is? It’s soap. It’s cleaning products. It was a small company that got bought out by UNILEVER. Just another one of the world’s Global companies trying to build their Tower of Babel.

Unilever’s CEO is a guy named Alan Jope. He took over as CEO in 2019. Prior to his job as CEO, he used to be the connection between UNILEVER and China. China is attempting a mass takeover of the United States Of America. This country, that was founded on Christian principles. Remember China is a communist country guided by the enemy alone.

Is that all making sense to you?

This dude makes 5 million dollars a year in salary alone. He can afford his own security team. He is not concerned at all with American systems of security. He is Scottish, not American. Are you going to be influenced by him? Are you so brainwashed already?

This guy looks like a minion from the Illumination movie. He is a minion. He is working for China to defund our nation wide source of daily protection? He has been immersed in China’s culture for the last 15 years working for Unilever. Do you think his moral compass is Godly or safe?

He is trying to infiltrate our daily life, or logic, or sense of security from a place that cares nothing of us at all. Do you know about the social unrest that Scotland has suffered from for hundreds of years? Is that culture healthy? Is that culture American?

Our constitution was based on Biblical principles that we MUST PROTECT.

The gaslighting has stopped folks. They are speaking in confused talk and the confusion is a miracle that I believe is directly from God. We see through it. We will stop it. Do you have any questions?

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