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Costco CANCELLED my Membership because I would NOT wear a mask.

I went to Costco last month, shockingly it wasn’t busy at all. There were no one in the aisles and no lines at the cashiers. So I didn’t wear a mask. I kept to myself, enjoyed the shopping trip, that is, until I went to the self-checkout line. There were 5 or 6 workers down my neck, yelling all over the store about me not wearing one.

I politely said, “no thank you” and checked out my purchases.

I went back there yesterday, and had $700 of groceries up on the belt for the cashier. They scanned my card and Super Nope, my account was suspended. No soup for me!

The lady said, you gave us a really hard time last month, there is a note on your file. You can’t shop here anymore. I wasn’t really surprised. Costco was the first place to go completely insane with controlling society.

In any case, they reinstated my card, probably cause I kinda knew what was happening and somehow fit $700 of groceries on just one length of the check out belt. haha. I walked away with my food and heavy shoulders, perhaps cause of the sheer weight of $700 of food I was pushing in my cart, but also the life I am living. My reality. My son was there, he saw the whole thing unfold. He is watching my every move. I am raising a David.

COME FIGHT ME! everyone was scared. Not David. He was just a kid, but he fought bears and lions, and when faced with Goliath, he knew. With child-like faith, and tons of experience, he knew God would pull him through. I’m raising a David. He has no fear. He will never comply. He is actively learning to not comply when things make no sense.

Now, I know you are asking the following questions, and probably many more – Why did I go? Did I want to start a fight? Is that a Christian way to be? What am I trying to say to people? What is wrong with me?

I get it. I asked myself all of those questions too. Why did I go? I like bulk and I like their food. Did I want to start a fight? Yes, I did, last month I was talking to some friends in other states and they don’t wear masks, they don’t live in the same chokehold that I have to live in every day and I was MAD. I wanted to take it on someone. So, I did. I went to the busiest and most controlling place I knew and I was stubborn. It was funny to me that on the day that I chose to fight, it was the least busy day I have ever been at Costco. How ironic.

Is that a Christian way to be. No. I don’t think God is proud of me at all. He tells us to be humble. I am sorry for being angry inside. I know that how I acted in the store was not aggressive, in spite of how I felt inside, I was polite and used manners and I kept to myself. I know that I didn’t abide by the rules, but the rules are not logical. Please comment about that. I would like to know what you think about my response to this.

What was I trying to say by not wearing a mask at Costco? I wanted other people to do it too. I want to stop wearing it forever. I never want to see another mask again in my life.

What is wrong with me? I don’t know to be honest, sin probably is the right answer. Also, when they were passing out the Koo-laid that makes all the insane society must comply rules – make sense – I didn’t get any. I didn’t drink that Kool-aid. I wasn’t born with that extra chromosome. I don’t see with those eyes, or hear with those ears.

Inconsistency makes me see a red flag, makes me do a sniff test, makes me back up and reassess, makes me do my own research, makes me fight, makes me talk, makes me write letters to congress, makes me sit on a towel at the beach and get threatened by a state trooper, makes me pass out information sheets (not wearing a mask) to 150 people regarding our Constitutional rights, makes me stand up to bullies, makes me speak against poisonous “vaccines” that are killing unborn babies, and causing more people dependency on the medical system.

Inconsistency makes me excited too. Huh? “I thought she just said she didn’t drink the Kool-aid”

I am excited folks because inconsistent and wildfire spreading evil – well, It confirms that the prophecy of the Bible is undeniably true! Jesus is coming soon! This world is becoming more and more corrupt, more uncomfortable and more ready for all of the promises of the Tribulation. Did you see that in San Fransisco, you can buy your groceries by swiping your palm? Isn’t that interesting – buying and selling using your wrist or your forehead? Ring a bell? If not, read Revelation 13: 16-17.

Ultimately, I decided, there are a ton of places where I can get food, and many of them don’t say a word to me if I don’t have a mask on, they just leave me alone. I’ll support those guys.

If more people would band together and just push back instead of constantly complying and bowing to the idols, we would be in a much better place. We still have work to do. Jesus may return any moment, there are more to save. Come soon Jesus, please come soon. In the mean time, I’ll keep working for You.

Trust in the Lord. Don’t trust in a mask.

“We don’t like wearing these things and we have to wear them the whole time we are at work. You only have to wear them while you are here.” – Costco Manager.

Well guys, imagine if all of you who don’t like wearing the mask at work, just stopped. Don’t you think they would get the message? If stores have no one working for them, they would crumble. The people have the power, or did we forget?

Lest we forget. In God we Trust.

Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

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