Love or Predetermination? “When will God send Jesus back?”

Love or predetermination

I think it’s really easy


we all think with human mind

that was designed for all man kind

He thinks without limit

yet, we put Him in it

if He is everything

then He is all

and He knows who

will stumble fall

He knows who will love Him


but did you say, love?

not predetermined bots?


explain yourself woman

you’re confusing me lots

so here’s what I say

it’s love, but from HIM

not from me or you

or cousin Tim

our love is simple, constrained, so broke

His love his perfect, a triune yoke.

dang, that’s deep

I’m following some

see that love is willing

it’s choice

if predetermination

that deletes our voice

so, yes, in infinite – no end, no start

He doesn’t think – He is I AM

we think, we ponder, we dissect all

that happened the day man CHOSE to fall

the tree was promised to give us life

that was a promise, we accepted strife

God, I AM, he IS, He is complete freedom

the air itself is so beneath Him

atoms, molecules, dna

all submit, understanding His way

so you consider


I think

that He allows us to make it,


from the beginning

perfect love

seeing all

yet, unlimited results

that is why,

who knows, y’all

only God

eternally holds

knowledge and wisdom

’cause love, unfolds

He is waiting to see

what this table will bring

because He allowed us

to pray, it can swing

to choose Him or death

we get to choose

how long we hold breath

see what I’m saying

no one knows the day

that He will return

cause love paves the way

He lets us decide

if we get more time!

will we be strong

or bow to the grime?

Will we fall on our knees

and repent of our past

Or continue to stumble

and sin more than last

I think that is love

He gave from day ONE

that’s why all the prophets

that say “We’re doomed, son”

They restart the clocks

cause fear makes us run

back to the Savior

and He says, “loved you first”

we get more time people

to save all the cursed

more like me, more like worst

more like Joe, more like Moe

more like Curly, more Mr. Furley

more like loved ones

moms, dads, daughters, sons

we have more time guys

don’t give up, try more tries

open up,

explain Salvation

we have to reach out

across all the nation

more time!

what is that?

it’s only for us….

God isn’t in it

of that we can trust

Stop trying to put

the sand in a sieve.

He can’t be contained

cause (He doesn’t live?!)

live means birth

live means death

live means blood

live means breath

he doesn’t need

he chose

like we.

he doesn’t bleed

he let

it be.

so stop putting I AM

and start loving I AM

my God doesn’t live

My God is I GIVE

life is for you

life has a time

life is a choice

life has a rhyme

life is what Jesus

CHOSE he should do

cause God in Himself

loves Jesus too!


that thought has no sense

see? cause we’re human

we have recompense

God, in His Glory,

has none of that…

what!? my mind reels

brain fried, that’s a fact.

because my God IS

My God has no start

My God is I Can

but, I won’t

cause I love…

uncontained…up above?

Can you wrap your brain

nope, I can’t, causes me pain


a choice

your heart

your voice

your day

is now

I pray

I bow.

I know that makes no sense, God’s love makes no sense.  We sin, we are born into it.  Yet, he loves us. His perfect love created us.  He loved us before he loved us.  He has no limit.  He is I AM.  Infinite in all ways.  SO love is only understood by Him, it was because of LOVE that we are.  SO if He is I AM and He created LOVE, then isn’t love the answer.  We are not predetermined.  We are in essence, the LOVE He designed.  Love has no limit.  Godly Love.  Not sinful lustful, jealous, broken, disgusting and human love.  God’s love.

We sinfully read His love with our interpretation and it’s pronounced so wrong.

God is love.  SO, with love we must reply.  In love we communicate our spiritual desires, we desire Salvation.  Salvation for those that are lost.  We desire, safety, love, joy, peace.  The fruits of the spirit.  I desire wisdom.  I desire that I get lost in HIM and His way.  I desire that this world make NO SENSE to me please, this world is drowning in sin, I hate sin.  I rebuke it.  I repent from it.  Turn me from it please, Jesus.

I pray that I can only live for Jesus.  That my choices are only directed by Him.  I pray that I can explain God’s love in a way that reflects how He has changed me and how I have peace and hope when I am surrounded by all the opposite.  I keep my eyes focused on HIM and everything evil disappears.  I become more, cause He gives me more.  All I ask is for spiritual gifts, nothing of the world.  Only things that are eternal.

I think that we can never know when Jesus will return because it is up to all of us.  Love = choice, and choice is freedom.  Freedom to choose death or life, Heaven or Hell, Jesus or denial, right or wrong.  It’s really all it is.  It’s so easy.  There will be a day when humans just give up.  Humanity will no longer choose Him.  Sin will have such a grip that the majority will rule.

So, once again, just like Eden, He gives us a choice.  Choice is love and love is not predetermined. When does He return, It will be the end of us remembering to Love Him. It’s up to Love.

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