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Out Of Sight, Out of Mind

just one step

takes them outside

beyond the walls

they run and hide

their little voices

I still hear

but they forget,

those little dears,

all the windows

are still open

and I can hear

their words, spoken

all the goofy

things in their world

the external minds

now are hurled

with no restriction

like inside of doors

where they can see

mom doing the chores

they see her

and must obey

they fear the chastise

of wrongful play

the bad words

their minds hold back

until outside

no dirt they lack

they spew out

stuff like bum,

and poop, they shout

and pee

and fart

and stupid head

when mom says no

their faces are red

they say the dirt

all the words they know

that make them giggle

a sinful show

the tickle of fear

that sin will give

they love to push

through sinful sieve

outside is freedom

with no restriction


no mom,


or parental conviction

and yet I am here

just behind all the glass

all of it’s open

so I hear mouthy sass

I hear all the dirt

that comes from within

I hear how they’re born

inside of sad sin

I hear all the noise

they spew out, carelessly

the words they won’t say

wouldn’t dare, around me

it bruises my heart

to hear even mine

the ones who were angels

are subject to crime

they are the same

as everyone else

they will make choices

make notches in belts

they will learn lessons

some very hard

and I can’t prevent it

it’s life, we’re all marred

we are all broken

right from day one

and the only salvation

is God’s only Son

Praise be the Father

Praise be to You

cause they are so special

I commit them to You.

Please help them Father

they go out and forget

that I am right here.

please don’t ever let

them ever forget You

Please hold them so close

I love them, Dear Jesus,

but You love them the most.

Please help them remember

You see through the glass

You’re constantly watching

and hearing their sass.

Please guide them forever

Please help them to hear

Please help them obey

and please help me rear

Two Christian solders

who love You so much

I know it is normal

but the sin is such

gross and exhausting

stuff I must see

and yet, its just sin

You conquered that on a tree

You already won

It’s Finished, You said,

and so I will unweight

my heavy head

and I give it to You, Father

You’re wise and I’m not

I give it to you Pappa

You’re, great and I’ve got

You as my Father

so I pray and I give

You all of my worries

for as long as I live.

1 Peter 5:6-8

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Be [a]sober, be [b]vigilant; [c]because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Please level with me moms. What happens to your children’s mouths the second they go outside to play. I mean, really? I am still here. I didn’t disappear. Out of sight, out of mind…I can still hear each silly dirty word you say. The second my son steps outside he spews em all out. Poop, butt, fart, poop and pee on it. what? Gross?! why? yuck.

All of the windows are completely open, we live in a small house, I can hear my children playing outside no matter what room I am in. I hear each word, they know this because I discipline them. Yet, it doesn’t matter, if they can’t see me – I immediately disappear and so do restrictions.

I wonder if I live like that? The second I step outside of my church or my home – do I fall into the “out of sight mentality”? Am I aware that Jesus is all. The Great – I AM? Am I living for Jesus like He is beside me at all times? I think it’s a great lesson to learn, if I look around I can find ways to learn and be more like Jesus.

I’m thankful for that thought. I’m so, so thankful for my babies too. Some days are much, much easier than others, but those hard days are so few and far between that I think I make them worse than they actually are cause they act so different. The kids are a pleasure to be around, they are fun and obedient and loving. They are smart and engaging. They are interesting and interested when we talk. They are fascinated by the world and play with such energy, it’s contagious. Most importantly they love Jesus with their authentic love. It’s awesome to see.

Let’s all agree to love Jesus with an always there attitude.

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