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My Other Question is This…

Why does China have a totally different vaccine that isn’t allowed here in the US?what does Faucci have up his sleeve with that? if China made the virus, wouldn’t they also have manufactured a vaccine to it so all their people didn’t suffer?just a question.

Christian Mom

Imagine This Now – You Can’t Sue

Imagine.... the covid shot is not really a vaccine is it. it's just a super strange shot that the government is making everyone get and how can the government do this if the shot is not FDA approved? How can there be restrictions and laws and isolation and social pressure and CHILDREN getting a shot… Continue reading Imagine This Now – You Can’t Sue

Christian Mom

How Does This Make Any Sense?

I just heard about a close friend whose mom is fully "vaccinated". She came down with a fever of 102.8. She was delirious and acting very out of character. So the son called emergency to get his mom to the doctor. The hospital would not take the patient until she had a covid test. Now… Continue reading How Does This Make Any Sense?

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Once There Was Time: (Part 1)

Once there was time, ages ago, right now and perhaps, sometime in the future, and with that time was a story.  A real story.  It started with the most interesting words and captivating details.  The story was innocent and powerful, thoughtful and silly, joyful and daunting.  The story’s most beautiful gift was that it was… Continue reading Once There Was Time: (Part 1)

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Greater Than Gold – Part 2

Greater Than Gold - Part 1 The stars were out in full force that evening. The air was so still. She could hear an owl cheering on the display, Who? Who? Who? It asked. Angrily, she answered, "It’s me, you moron. Just me!" "All alone, me." she whispered under her breath.  She was walking with… Continue reading Greater Than Gold – Part 2

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The Puppet’s Choice

alone and ready Maker knew the time His hands so busy talented, primed the stuff He needed He already had He started working there was nothing to add all the care, the love materials ready all within Him hands nice and steady creativity exploded from each finger tip Maker started with cloth He made every… Continue reading The Puppet’s Choice

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Truth About Fat – A Discussion between Me and Sin.

here's what I'll say to fat in this place its going to kill you if you don't erase the habits that got you round in your belly the hurting must end while you jiggle like jelly you have to stand up and feel all the pain you feel it inside the taunts of your brain… Continue reading Truth About Fat – A Discussion between Me and Sin.

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Why Not Me?

Think about who, what, when a society more foolish than and here you sit surrounded by weakness, sheep why, why, why? but within this grand design there is power yours and mine it doesn't take a queen to move a peasant girl motivation prove can make a giant awesome change so much is broken we… Continue reading Why Not Me?

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The Loved and Protected Seed.

seed planted waiting still watered daily nothing will make her doubt that it will grow patient farmer abide and know every effort not for loss building shelter wind may toss diligent always never stopped protect the seed that she dropped the wind came and blew around she prepared seed in the ground next was shade… Continue reading The Loved and Protected Seed.

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Life Lessons from the Swank Family: Solution to Lying.

Here's a secret I learned very early in life that I want to share with you. The lesson was learned not from a Christian perspective but from a very powerful and commanding ego. I learned that lying was weak - one of the weakest things a human could do and no matter what, I always… Continue reading Life Lessons from the Swank Family: Solution to Lying.