An Email Written in Support of Nurses: ReOpen San Diego

Hi Amy,  this is Katie Swank – I met you at one of the rallies in Carlsbad – you and Aly were eating at Compass with your sweet families. I am so encouraged by your email updates – God is truly blessing the awesome work you and Aly are doing.  It is so empowering to watch and hear of present day Esthers – you guys are taking a stand and fighting back – to save our children and one another.  I listened to a great Christian worship song on my way home from the post office just now. “Do Something”. These lyrics stood out to me: “Dear Lord, why don’t you do something, and he answers – I did – I made you!  Crazy, it gave me chills and made me think of you two ladies.

I am hoping you guys can help once again.  My friend is a nurse and she is in a terrible struggle.  She is working in OC and is being threatened to be fired on September 30th because she refuses to get the shot.  She is an awesome Christian warrior and she is the mom of 3 beautiful babies.  I want to do all I can to help keep her and her family safe from the tyranny.

I won’t call the shot a vaccine.  Reports came out today stating that 3 quarters of the people in Massachusetts diagnosed with covid are “fully vaccinated” so no, it is not a vaccine, it is a medical experiment.  My heart cries out for nurses everywhere. 

Coercion is the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.  This is mass scale coercion.  It is against the law and it needs to be punished.

And isn’t this: something that we can use – there are more cases of injury associated with the shot on a daily basis – my husband’s boss took the shot almost a year ago and has inflammation of the heart- pericarditis.   

You guys are doing amazing things and I am hoping you guys can maybe get her in touch with a lawyer that is actually taking on cases?  Do you have access to Christian lawyers who haven’t been bitten by the apathy bug yet?  

Thanks again for being the warriors you are.  I love that prayer can be written as well as spoken, so I’d like for us to pray together.

Dear Lord,
We come to you in prayer, because we know you are the ONE TRUE GOD.  Your love and your mercy are overwhelming.  Thank you for changing our lives and allowing us to be chosen for Salvation.  You are a God of miracles.  We are asking for a miracle today.  We are not people of apathetic nature, we are Christian soldiers because that is how You designed us to be.  This prayer is only offered to honor and glorify you.  We have never been so passionately in love with You and this passion drives us to do more and be more to further Your Kingdom.  Help us be the salt and the light that you require us to be.  Thank you, Jesus, for people who are willing to risk their own comfort and are charging full force against the attempts of the devil.  We ask right now Lord, for divine intervention.  We ask this for Tara, for all of the nurses and for all other people who are at risk of losing everything.  We ask for divine intervention for our children, for their mental and physical well being.  We ask that you remove the masks from their faces – the beautiful innocence that you created.  We ask this humbly and in full submission knowing that Your Will be done in all things.  You told us that you are present when two or more are gathered and we are gathering together right now with you.  Praise be to you forever and ever.  We ask all this in YOUR AWESOME NAME, Jesus, there is power in your name, Amen

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