I am a Christian. I worship the One True God. Will Not Die of Apathy. I will Fight. I will Not be Silenced. I am a Mother. I am a Warrior. This is Why I am Here.

I am gasping in shock! How dare you as a mother! How dare you promote medial testing on 12 year olds.  That shot is NOT FDA approved.  How can you make the choice to promote a shot that is not approved on little babies, they are 12, no one knows what the long term side effects are for this test.  It is sad, embarrassing and I am fighting back.  This disgusting tyranny against children needs to STOP.

I am posting this on my website, with 30k daily views, I am copying this email for all my contacts to read, I will blast this everywhere I can – to stop you from attacking innocent children.  I am also calling on our Creator in Prayer.  

This prayer is written here for you to read, but know it was spoken in reverence to the one and only God, down on my knees. 

Dear Lord, you commanded in the Bible for us to call out to You in prayer You are the Creator of all things and I know You hear our cries.  We are the parents of these innocent children and You have charged us with the directive to keep these children safe.  We will do this to no end.  We will fight back against corrupt government and we will force them to stop because that is what we are DESIGNED to do.  We will not stop.  We will defend the innocent.  WE are NOT apathetic, we are warriors.  I am a member of the tribe of the LION of JUDAH, and we cannot be silenced.  We cannot be stopped.  We win.  The God I serve is the Alpha and the OMEGA.  He commands us to love with the hearts of children.  Lord, I am calling on you to send your angels of protection all around the children of this nation.  California is so corrupt and I cannot believe that the members of our awesome city – Oceanside – are promoting the abuse of children.  Please stop them. Please raise up Christian leaders that will fight back and stop this insanity.  Please confuse the workings of the corrupt government members and turn their attempts for good.  You are a merciful and loving God.  You commanded us to pray and when we pray, you hear us and you will act.  Your acts will be done with your great wisdom and Dear Lord, Your will be done in all things.  I will not stop praying Lord, and I will never stop fighting.  Prayer is the connection of love from us to you and I love that you have blessed us with this awesome tool to be used for safety and protection, love and praise, worship and salvation.  I love you Jesus.  Thank you for blessing us with forgiveness and for letting Salvation be available to all.  Thank you that all sins can be wiped clean, at any time and any place.  I pray for those unsaved individuals that you would reveal yourself to them and allow them to see and to hear.  Please let salvation be the answer and let more people fall in love with you.  That is our great commission, more people saved.  I ask all these things in the most powerful name there is, you Jesus, just you.  Amen.


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