Ask These Important Questions About Covid 19 Shot. Can anyone answer them for me please?

What does taking the injection benefit me?
Will my life be better after the shot?
Can I sue The pharmaceutical company if I get sick from the shot?
How much money do you make from giving one Covid shot?
Has it been proven effective in exterminating covid 19?
Is it experimental?
How does it work?
Does the injection anchor?

Should the injection anchor?
Could it be found in my ovaries after entering my body?

If the injection is found in my ovaries can it cause miscarriage?
Is it found in bone marrow after injection?

If the injection is in my bone marrow is that safe?
Can the injection cause aniflactic shock?
Can you prove that I am not allergic to the injection?
Can it cause heart inflammation?

Can the injection cause neurological disorders?

Do people who accept the injection still shed the protein covid 19?

What is the benefit of the injection if I am not immune and I still spread the virus?

How do the people who have received the injection still shed the protein if it is a vaccine?
If a vaccine works, does the vaccine help the immune system kill the sickness?
How do people who have taken the shot still contract covid 19?

Why do I have to take the shot if I already have the antibodies from natural acquired immunity?

Is the recovery rate for covid 19 – 99%?
Why is there a shot for a sickness where 99% of people recover?
If I take the shot why does everyone need to know?
If I don’t take the shot why does everyone need to know?
Is my body not my own?
Do you control my body?


  1. I agree with this so so much!
    Look at all of us asking the real questions—-that nobody has a real answer to!! 🙄 “my body my choice” is only when “they” agree. It is maddening. It is infuriating. And sickening. I want to beg the Lord to take us believers home-but then who would be here for “the one sheep” who finally recognizes the truth. We have to cling to that. It seems so hard to do! But we have to give it over to God and let him do the heavy lifting of these burdens! And PRAY HARD and study His Word HARD and CLING TOGETHER!

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