My Body, My Choice?

Dear Lord, please open the eyes of the blind and let the deaf hear. This is a repeat of history and we cannot let innocent lives perish out of fear and adrenaline rushes. Please silence the enemy and take back your people. Please guard us with your love and your mercy. We repent Jesus. We will not be silent. We will have your name on our lips. We are not full of fear. We love and we rejoice in your Name ALONE. Please restore safety for our children. Please stop the attacks against them and their innocence. We love you Jesus because you loved us first. We ask all this that your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In your Powerful name, Jesus, Amen.

I had a really disturbing conversation with a family member a couple of days ago. I have been trying to hard to witness to this individual and so have many other friend and family. She is still blind and deaf to the working of the Holy Spirit. I pray in mercy and humble request, Lord, that you remove the veil and allow sight and hearing.

What triggered me the most from the disturbing conversation was this “for the greater good” and “have an open mind


Katie Swank is in a room. I am surrounded by doctors. I am healthy, but I am bound. I have no voice and I can’t escape. The doctors tell me they need my organs and body parts for scientific research. They kill me and use my organs without my consent. I am dead. I had no choice.


I am a woman. I have multiple medical issues. There is an experimental medicine that is available for a sickness I have already had multiple times and I have natural antibodies for. I am forced to take the experiment because of propaganda and fear bled out by the media. I die of inflammation of my heart and anaphylactic shock. I had no choice.


Hitler hates Jews. He believes in a societal hierarchy of blond hair and blue eyes. He has neither. He creates a state of mass nationwide fear of non-obedience. People turn on people. Innocent children are brutally murdered from starvation and gas chambers, firing squads murder moms and dads, just because they are from a specific nationality. They had no choice.


If you think that being open minded is for the greater good, you are dead and too far gone, but for those people who are still alive, please fight with me.

FACTS: The experimental vaccines are designed using ABORTED BABIES (Foetal/fetal CELL LINES). FACT!

What is HEK-293 – are a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture taken from a female fetus

What is PER.C6

Now tell me again that I have to partake in that EXPERIMENT and I will tell you – I WOULD RATHER DIE – and that is a WILLING death. I would choose death over that shot.


NOW: argue this, for YOU to DIE – unwillingly – without consent – IS for the GREATER GOOD – is open-minded. Insert your name into that sentence.


You can save your open minded opinions for those people who followed Hitler, you can save your for the greater good mentality for the jail cell you belong in.

IF one person can say, my body my choice and be so supported by abortion clinics then on that same page, I say my body my choice – I WILL NOT SUPPORT ABORTION, and I WILL NOT INJECT their cell line into my body. THAT IS MY CHOICE.

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