Here is an information sheet I created this morning.  The news from Councilmembers Christopher Rodriguez, and Ryan Keim is this:  We MUST focus on the Recall.  If Newsom stays we are in deep trouble.  Let’s remember to PRAY first.  God is always in control.  He commands us to fight against unrighteousness and defend the innocent.  

Dear Lord, You are above all – the ALPHA AND OMEGA, the beginning and the end.  You are supreme in power and wisdom, there are no other gods, only YOU, Dear Lord.  We honor you and we sing your praise.  You are POWERFUL and your wisdom far exceeds our human capacity.  We are sinners and while we are sinners, you still love us, and you died to save us.  We do not deserve such love, and we are humbled that we are chosen to spend eternity with you, Father.  Dear Lord, we come to you today in humble servitude, we submit to your commands, and we ask to be USED BY YOU.  Let us be less of what we desire or approve of, destroy the enemy telling us we need to be in control.  Please commit our spirits to YOUR HANDS, and mold us each moment to be what you need at that time.  Take our words from our mouths and let our speech be consumed by the Holy Spirit.  Father, in all things we repent of our fear, of our control, of our desires, of our chastising of your creation – for you love ALL of us, and you came to save the sinners, not the righteous.  Humbly we repent.  We cry out, Lord, Save US.  In your name we ask for safety.  We ask it only with your will be done in all things, on earth as it is in heaven.  We love you Jesus, we love you cause you are awesome.  Thank you for another day.  If we are here, we have not yet fulfilled your mission, and we will continue on, loving you and praising you in spirit and in truth.  In Jesus’ Powerful Name, Amen!

Onward Christian Soldiers.
Katie Swank

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