Are you able to see?

I wonder why you can see?

I wonder why you are not like others who think this is all normal, and play along to the song of the Piper?

Why are you not a sheep?

What is it that makes you different from others?

Do you feel frustrated that they don’t know what you know?

Why do you know the difference?

Are you smarter?

Are you better educated?

Do you see doctors, lawyers, men and women of stature and wealth tapped in to the lies, to the insanity?

What makes you different from them?

Have you asked that important question?

One comment

  1. I have. I asked it first of my faith: “Does my belief in God make me *better* than those who lack the same?” Of course not. Yes we have free will but when I ponder the great faith God gave me, I recognize it for the gift from Him that it is. So too is the sight you’re referencing. Those who have it play an important role in communicating truth. They may not always be heard, but they can’t be silent because of their sight. And their sight is a gift from God. It’s important, even if we don’t immediately see its usefulness in our own lifetimes let alone daily lives.

    People of all walks have it, and people of all walks don’t. This, to me, is evidence that it’s a gift from God and nothing else can really explain it.

    Here’s the really interesting part: the people who don’t have it are also a gift from God.

    How tragically uneventful would the world be without all God has given us to know, endure, see and explore, respectively and as individuals.

    Thanks for liking something I wrote recently, and leading me to your page where I found this beautiful question.


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