Why protect the right to choose? Here is my reply to a neighbor telling me about Covid-19.

What a testimony. That is all so true. We must protect the right to choose and to stand on The Rock. The Rock doesn’t waiver. He is true and faithful in all things.

I am an immigrant from Canada and while I lived there – till I was 31 I watched the civil liberties of my fellow citizens get taken away – although I am only there for 31 years, their agenda was very open and clear to me. They are on a slippery slope towards communism.

The government in Canada is now seizing all firearms. Approximately 200k in the next month. Those people are sitting ducks with all the fresh water in the world. They will be the next country attacked.

Our American government is working on taking away our civil liberties as well. The right to Choice is the first gift God gave us. It is a divine choice. We have the choice to love and serve Him, don’t we?

We must protect righteousness. It has nothing to do with WHAT we are choosing but the act of the choosing that we must defend!

If choice is taken away then we are at the mercy of socialist regime. And it is real. I lived it.

I’ve only been in this country for 10 years. People that have been here for 70 or 80 don’t fight for our freedoms like I do. They don’t know the difference. I do.

I can’t force others experience my life. That is insane and impossible. I can only act and share information and pray that my passion for Jesus and for the protection of my children becomes a contagious wave of action.

Sickness and Illness are terribly sad. I watched my 5 year old niece die brutally because of vaccine side effects. Her life was a miracle from day one.

But restrictions and mandates also kill.
Look at what Hitler accomplished just 100 years ago

Dustins dad died in the hospital last year. A healthy 50 year old.
He suffered brain injury and we were not allowed to sit with him, talk with him, pray with him, touch him, try and engage his brain activity. Nothing. We were not allowed to say goodbye to him. So restrictions killed a healthy 50 year old. Robbed us of our last goodbyes.

All the stories of tragic death of people catching the cold virus can be matched by tragic stories of moms not being able to see their babies in intensive care, sons and daughters not seeing their sick parents, kids sick in hospitals not being able to be comforted by BOTH parents. Families ripped apart by suicide. And the list goes on and on.

Restrictions and mandates make way for the devil to do his handy work. The inconsistency all around us is the implicit revealing of his truth and the only truth the devil uses is that he is a LIER.

Yes, he is dividing the nation by using fear. Fear is a lier. One number that has never changed is that Jesus is 100% true.

He commanded and blessed us with the right to choose. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. In God We Trust.

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