13 Heroes

13. Not in war.
In desertion. Abandoned.
Left behind.

No plan. No order. No reason.

America. Take a deep breath in. Let it go. Now stand up. Rise up. Look around you. The veil is lifted. You can see again.

You grab your flag. It doesn’t stand tall and proud. It respectfully is hung at half. You whisper. “Not in vain.”

We are United to defend them. The 13 Heroes. We are the United States of America. We cannot be held back. We will not be held down. We are not apathetic. We are Americans.

When the World is wrong. We fix it. We do not complain. We do not back down like pathetic fools. We are not puppets. We are warriors. We are ready. We are armed with the truth now.

There is an internal enemy. He is rising up against us. He is armed with his army of witches. They are not American. Their hands still wet with the blood of the lost heroes. Murderers.

Moms. Dads. Sons. Daughters. Left behind.

We will avenge the lost. We demand freedom. We will march against tyranny. We will win.

We will win because we fight for righteousness. We fight with the Lord God on our side. We fight with In God We Trust.

You rose to power, and attacked with your lies, your weakness, your promise of defeat.

We stand on The Rock of Salvation. Who do we fear?

Not you. Not today. Not tomorrow. We are ready. We are taking it back now. We are going to clean up your mess. You are finished.


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  1. […] https://simplymyswank.com/2021/08/30/transparency-matters-we-demand-the-truth-parents-of-oceanside-california-addressing-the-school-board-city-council-superintendent-lawyers-local-news-what-is-going-on/https://simplymyswank.com/2021/08/26/full-disclosure-the-following-email-is-written-in-truth-in-god-we-trust/https://simplymyswank.com/2021/08/29/13-heroes/Oceanside, We have a corrupt and dishonorable President and even more terrifying Vice-President. The word Vice (immoral or wicked behavior.) has never rung so true.  Please let us keep in mind, as we seek justice for the Respected and Honorable 13, that we MUST NOT let Kamila Harris become the next president.  We must remain vigilant and strong as a country.  The constitution is not a political party, it is a Divine and Awesome cord of strength that must not be broken.  We are AMERICA.  We will not let a man-hating, 2nd Amendment killing Tyrant take the place of Biden. I repeat, Kamila Harris must not be President.  We are at the brink of a global shut down, a war.  These next precious steps must be strategic and led by God.  I beseech you to communicate this to your piers.  We must pray, ask for wisdom and depend on God for the next right step.  Lord be with us all. Please, rise up new bold warriors for You Lord, you reign supreme.  We saw the amazing display of warriors, last night, that are armed and ready with TRUTH.  We are not veiled.  God is the truth, the light, the way.  Please Jesus, give us the next right thing to do.  Please guide this country to freedom from oppression and evil. Let us be a country that bravely and lovingly states – In God We Trust! […]

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