Change your VOICE MAIL!! Share the Gospel!!

I just had the best idea friends!!!

I get all these random phone calls every. single. day.

Land sakes!!

I was so mad at those phone calls. But God gave me power to overcome them!! Yes, friends, He did!! Praise!

I changed my generic answering service – you reached 888- zebrastripes to the most epic message EVER! I’m doing caps cause I’m so super pumped about this blessing from Jesus TO-day!

I share the Gospel!! John 3.16. I’m changed, you can be too. You can have eternal life and the Joy of the Lord – if you believe! Jesus is the Son of God! He died to save you and she loves you. Now pick up your Bible and read it. Live for Jesus. It’s freedom and an absolute miracle.

Praise! Do it too! Share the gospel with everyone that calls you. You never know who needs to hear it. And whose life will be changed!

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