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St. Patrick’s Day – FREE – Christian Homeschool Worksheets

A day we celebrate History A day that’s masked In mystery This day of honor Covered up By sinful slander A frothy cup This day is special A Christian man For a missionary Following God’s Plan He was sold To slavery Stole from British Loyalty He was taken To Ireland Where he found A Godless… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day – FREE – Christian Homeschool Worksheets

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Simply Swank Solutions – Hair Dye Have you ever Slatted it on Just thrown it there And looked upon   A face that's tinted A silly shade That wasn't there When you were made   That face is colored Like your hair And you didn't want That color there   You didn't take time Or know these tools That… Continue reading Simply Swank Solutions – Hair Dye

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My Handyman. xo

I feel like we scored with our last Costco Run.  We just bought our home 2 years ago and we LOVED IT.  It was our "perfect home".  There was NOTHING we would do to change it. Yeah, and then we moved in.  And we lived in it for a couple months and EVERYTHING had to… Continue reading My Handyman. xo