I have always had such a hard time finding a product that works.  When I was in my college years, I struggled with anxiety really bad.  My armpits were always completely soaked and it was extremely embarrassing.

So I started using this product.  However, it was so strong that it would burn – really bad! You have to apply it at night and it would burn so bad that I couldn’t sleep.  BUT, at the time, the burning was worth it, this stuff really worked.  I didn’t sweat – AT ALL – and all my shirts stayed dry.  What a relief!  Who knows what horrible side-effects that this product has.  The painful burning can’t be a good sign, eh?

Then as I got older, and got married, and had children. Side-effects of deodorant made a lot more impact on my life.  Breast-feeding, breast cancer, and other illnesses were all things that mattered way more than sweat or stink.  I now really care about living a really long and healthy life.  Now I research stuff I never cared about before.

I found PiperWai natural deodorant while watching one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank.  I bought it, I used it and I really like it.  It is easy to apply, it smells good.  It doesn’t make me stink hours after application like other chemical-filled anti-perspirants do.  I love that it is a natural product with no harsh chemicals. I find that I sweat less, and if I do sweat, it doesn’t stink.  I live in sunny California, and sweating is part of our lifestyle.

After I get out of the shower, I apply my own body spray to my freshly shaved armpits.  I designed the spray after reading all of the non-organic ingredients on other body sprays.  For more information on how to make your own body spray too, check out My Personal Swank-Hacks.

Please comment below if there are some armpit treatments that you love and enjoy.  I adore hearing from you all and I can’t wait to read about what works for you.

God bless you and keep you my moms and sisters in Christ.


  1. I don’t use deodorant but I was recently on Unnatural Vegan’s You Tube channel and she did a very positive review of a product containing charcoal. Have a google for it but she had terrible sweat problems and it worked amazingly well.

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