what do you think LOLA

has seen in her long life

do you think she swims each day

thinking about her strife?

I don’t think she gets bogged down

with things that bother us

she swims and counts her blessings

and doesn’t make a fuss

the look that she has upon her face

is thankful as can be

cause she was saved from death

out in that big ol’ sea


now she lives in safety

and brings joy to all the faces

of each boy and girl that sees her

she knows that she erases

any hint of lazy, boredom

they are happy as can be

she is the best thing at this place

the coolest thing to see


Maybe LOLA stands for something

that is special as can be

Love Our Lord Always

a great reminder for you and me


Jesus saved us from certain death

and gave us a new way

just like our new friend Lola

we must be thankful everyday

look at everyone one you see

and share a thankful face

make sure you count your blessings

and keep God in his rightful place

take each day and make it

a mission for the LORD

live each day for HIM

and great is your REWARD!

We went to the local aquarium with the kids yesterday.  What a blast!  We made so many awesome memories with the children.  My favorite experience of the day was seeing the sea turtle.  They fascinate me for so many reasons.  The obstacles that they must overcome right from the get is such a lesson in perseverance.  Watching a sea turtle up close is breathtaking.  They are so graceful.  If you can, take your children to an aquarium, I highly recommend it.

Our local aquarium is a great interactive learning resource for our children.  There are a lot of hands-on activities and very engaging displays!  We bought a season pass so that we can bring them here often and stimulate their enormous sponge-like minds.  Plus, it’s summertime and we are in the midst of a heat-wave, so this air-conditioned environment is a great escape for all of us.  YAY!

Dad playing in the magic sand

We love every chance that we have to fill our children’s lids with God’s great wonders.  It is such a joy to spend the day as a family.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to raise them with our sense of morality and ideals.  We get to share in the joy of watching them create all new exciting memories.  Each day is a blessing from God!


Raaahhhh!!!!  Careful of the SHARK!

God bless you all today.  Thank you again for staying connected and reading our little family blog.  We are all family in Christ, we all need to be curious about faith, nurturing our souls and encouraging each other to stay close to the Lord.  Love Our Lord Always, just like LOLA reminds us.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.27.36 PM


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