Let’s Play a Game called Kindness Tag

Let’s play a game called Kindness Tag

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.55.03 AM

If your smile

is starting to sag,

and if your day

is starting to lag.

You feel balled up

in a tangled mess

life is tough

too much stress.


I have a cure

to all that sad

say something nice

share some glad.

Play Kindness Tag

with a person you know

I think this game

is going to grow


Let’s turn that glum

into something so fun!


Bring joy to the world

in a really cool way

Spread some kindness

with the things we say


Like a drop in water

creates a wave

Let’s build some kindness

words can save

Words can change

an entire day

Let’s play tag

a brand new way!


We can create

a Kindness game

This one is sweet

using a age old name

Tag!  You’re it!

I thought of you!

I think your special

now here’s what you’ll do…



Say something nice

if you’re the start

write NUMBER 1

A message impart

Kindness and love

Gratitude and smiles

this game will spread

miles and miles

the next person writes

the NUMBER 2

and we will see it grow

as the game persues


Keep writing your number

on and on

and see how kindness

shines brighter each dawn


To the whole wide world

TAG! you’re IT!

see the number expand

Kindness Tag will spread

all across the LAND!

I’ll start a Pinterest Board & Facebook Page for Kindness Tag.  You can upload your message and your number and share kindness all around the world playing one of the best games on earth.  TAG!

Let’s watch the numbers grow and grow,

share sweet kindness with everyone you know!






  1. Yes they were observing some kind of is kindness day at nursing home where I go to sing and they sent me home with candy bars and funny looking sun glasses! Blessings of the kindness of God to you as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s so sweet! Sharing kindness is a great way to feel joy and change your own attitude. God bless you! Maybe you should tag a friend at the old folks home. They would love playing tag I bet! 🙏🏻💕👉🏻 Tag!


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