Are you HARMING YOUR BABY?!?!? Is this mistake being made in your household?!?

Would you do anything to harm your child?  Would you intentionally hurt them?  What if I told you you were harming your child’s skin by doing something that you PREVIOUSLY thought was helping them.


Conventional Baby Wipes happen to be one of the most harmful things on the planet for our children.  They work hand & hand with conventional chemical ridden diapers.

It blows my mind how horribly brain-washed we are as a society.  We claim to be so progressive, so advanced, but we are all such sheep.

Have you ever felt so sad as you wiped your child’s raw and sore nose with a baby wipe to get rid of the dry buggers. (so that other moms don’t judge your sick baby). This act of neglect leaves your child in tears as the wipe is full of alcohol and harsh chemicals that burn like fire when applied to their tender & sore skin.

How does it feel when you put alcohol on a sore? Now you’re thinking…..

Or this scenario – you wiped a sore bottom with a conventional baby wipe because you were too distracted to notice it was sore and your child screams in pain?  Have you ever considered that the baby wipe you are using is actually CAUSING the rash in the first place?

MAN.  The frustration build up inside me so bad.  I want to scream at The SYSTEM.  My head is going to blow to bits I am so frustrated.


Sebum – our God Given perfect oil – located in our skin – is our first line of defense against sickness, fungus, bacteria, disease, etc

Babies have way more sebum in their skin than we do.  That’s why their skin is so soft, subtle, and moisturized – you should never use moisture cream on a baby. (but don’t let me get off topic)

The Sebum protects their skin against rash, but when you clean their bottoms with the horrible baby wipes you dissolve & wipe away all of their Sebum and thus create the perfect environment for rash, bacteria, and infection.

AHEM.  Did you read that part?  YES, the baby wipe allowed the perfect environment for your angel to develop the sore red rash.  Furthermore! if you go to the doctor, they won’t tell you that.  They will give you the latest – greatest HUGGIES chemical ridden wipe and tell you to “CLEAN” your baby with this!?!?!?!?  grrrrrrrr

Then, they will medicate your child with the latest and greatest ZINC MEDICATED OINTMENT – but guess what – your baby already had enough SEBUM when they were born to maintain healthy skin.  So, technically and tragically, YOU were the one that gave them the rash – UNINTENTIONALLY – and now you know people.  You are now educated and you go forth with more knowledge.

The best thing for the environment and your baby is to clean your baby with a super soft cotton wash cloth and lukewarm water.

Shrug.  I thought baby poop was bottom-line disgusting before I met my angels, and then it became my responsibility and a major part of caring for my champions.  ‘Cause I love those angels more than life itself.  SO, no big deal putting soiled clothing in my washing machine.

But if that isn’t convenient for your lifestyle, here is my solution:

Buy Medikune Ultrasoft Dry Baby Wipes – Get yourself a reusable baby wipe container and do your own wet care solution.  Those links are not monetized – they are included to show you what you can purchase if you’re interested in making this change.

Here is your RECIPE for successfully cleansed and healed bottoms – the wet solution!

I recommend using just a blend of Water & PURE ORGANIC Aloe Vera GEL.  That’s it. Two ingredients can change your sore skin situation.  Pour the wet solution on the dry baby wipes and WAAALAAA….your own DIY healthy baby wipes for parents on the go!

I don’t know how else to say it.  Maybe I shoulda cooled off a bit before I wrote this post, but sometimes the passion is necessary for people to really listen.

If I have to scream it from the MOUNTAINTOPS I will my friends.  We have to put our foot down, change the broken systems, unite as parents and do good for our babies!  It’s our job to love them, keep them save and nurture them into God’s Champions.  They can do it better if they don’t walk around with sore bottoms.

LOVE YOU ALL, until the next rant…


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