Empowered to Achieve!

First, you must decide

What you’re meant to do

Then fully commit

To the truth within you

Ask yourself questions

That’s the very best start

Discover yourself

What empowers your heart

What is important

Do you have a skill

What can you do

What gives you a thrill

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 5.34.08 AM

Are you feeling empowered

Committed to be

Are you feeling inspired

The face that you see

The reflection is truth

Not what others perceive

So you have to fight

Today you achieve

Today you control

You must believe

You hold the power

And you’ll never stop

It’s you, just yourself

So don’t ever drop

Gripping with strength

And holding on tight

That goal is all yours

Don’t give up the fight

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Nothing dissuades you

That you deserve less

That language is failure

You constantly press

Onward and upward

Your speed deafens doubt

Cause your running faster

And it’s left without

Like a top falling down,

Doubt sputtered itself out

childhood colorful coloured colourful
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Here is my truth

I’ll share it with you

So that you can mold it

Make it work for you too


I convince myself

Every second each day

That I am the best

In every single way

I am a champion

I deserve this

I am so brave

I simply dismiss

All the lies that whisper

I am the worst

That’s simply just silly

Cause I only thirst

Like a champion athlete

With arms lifted up

Dripping with diamonds

I only drink from a cup

Full of fuel that supplies me

With positive thoughts

And those thinks become real

And focused, so lots

Of memories remind me

That I passed the test

But I didn’t just pass

I turned out the best

Results, and then, true,

I conquered it, so

I deserve more

And Now I must go

And tell everyone

That life is much more

When you commit to GOD

The glory in store

Inside of a Christian

The difference in you

Is that GOD is your fan

And he is the fuel!

man sitting facing fire in pot during night
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com


He’ll push you much more

Than all on your own

He give you more worth

Than you’ve even known

Nothing can stop

A mind that’s made up

Write it all down

And never letup

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

Don’t ever stop

Reminding yourself

That greatness is shared

Cause a book on a shelf,

it just collects dust

Success must be spoken

Bring others together

Cause that is a token

Invested in truth

In worth beyond measure

And heavenly reward

Becomes your new treasure

group of people raise their hands on stadium
Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

THE book will reveal

A story that’s true

As you motivate others

Then they support too

The instruction within

Is clear and can reach

The words in the Bible

Are written to teach

Cause a house that is built

On sand will just fall

But that is not you

You’re sturdy, cause all

Of the people around you

Are positive speakers

Pulling you up

Energy seekers

And they spread the fire

That you lit today

When you woke up loving

Yourself and you say

Today is much better

Than what was before

Today is the day

I settle the score

And here is the path

To achieving success

It’s foolproof, I know

Cause I put it to test


Wake up so early

Before the sun rises

Wake up with love

Just like God advises

Say a prayer first thing

Thank you sweet Lord

This is your day

Great is my reward

full moon illustration
Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

Go to the bathroom

Make your teeth fresh

Go get some coffee

Wake up your breath

Then commit to a workout

You must start out small

Commit to 10 minutes

That’s nothing at all

You can do it,

Commitment will say

That you will do more

Each and every day

Endorphins are champs

Sent from GOD down to us

And they are addicting

That’s simply a plus

low angle view of woman relaxing on beach against blue sky
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

A step by step pattern

Created by you

When you give yourself an hour

That’s committed to you

Wake up early

Before everyone

Give you that present

Now what you have done

Is set yourself greater

Than you were before

And I promise you, friend,

That there’s only more

It’s a trickle down effect

Of positive you

Achievement is yours

It’s what you must do

Cause each day is precious

Don’t waste a single one

If you have a goal

Than get up and run

Set up a PROGRAM

Of what you must do

To achieve that sweet goal

A promise for you.

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