Hokienokie – A Children’s Story about Telling the Truth

Hokienokie?  This name was born when I read the story of Pinocchio to my daughter.

She couldn’t pronounce his name, and thus, the name Hokienokie became Legendary.  I love my daughter’s creative new words, her imagination and her joyful outlook on life.  I never want to forget Hokienokie, so today I made him a part of history.

I love writing, I love that you are reading along with us, it makes my heart feel so happy.  Rhymes are happy, aren’t they. They are a written song with perfect timing. I am thankful that God has blessed me with the joy to write them and share them.

I hope that you enjoyed the story, loved the lesson and will apply the truth just like God commands us.  Thank you for reading, for your support and for sharing my rhymes.  We never know who needs to hear about the power of God and all the freedom that Christian life allows.

God is good all the time.  Have a blessed and truth filled day!

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