Just to be Completely Transparent

My stance on this whole Covid shot is not because I am an “anti-vaxer”. I was vaccinated when I was a kid and my children and husband are vaccinated. And just to be clear, with actual vaccinations – not experimental shots. I am not against medicine that works, when I get the flu, I take Tylenol and Advil just like everyone else.

Just like the rest of the crazy juice that has been passed around lately with the last year and a half, I understood immediately that this shot was not okay. It makes no sense. The most obvious FACT is that it is NOT FDA approved. I also choose to NOT mess with any part of my DNA, or inject aborted fetal matter into my body. MY CHOICE – NOT YOURS.

So I say no. No to you, no to them, and yes to Jesus. I answer to Him and Him alone.

And to be clear again – We do not take flu shots, we do not take covid shots. And that’s final. I base my decision, on logic and on extensive research. You can’t become immune to a in-real-time mutating virus. Shocking Turn of Events! California Woman Sues Federal Government and Wins! Misuse of the Word – “Vaccine” : Billions of Dollars in Settlement

I spent days and read the medical journals, dissected what the shots do and how long they have been working on these shots, and what the shots actually do. It’s unethical, extreme and dangerous. SO, again, no. Don’t tell me I am not educated enough to read a medical journal. I can cross reference, research and read information just as well as the rest of them. I don’t need a medical degree to know that this is UNSAFE. The shot is more dangerous that a mutated cold – of which I have anti-bodies to already, multiple times.

We will get the cold, we will get the flu, just like every other year of our lives and we will drink lots of water, rest and get better, just like every other year.


      • Dang, it’s really sad, but these stories are important to share, there are more and more people who are suffering irreversible damage due to negligence, coercion and propaganda. The truth will set us free. God is sovereign and He is also a God of Miracles. I pray that your brother’s body can heal and that things improve for him. Dear Lord I pray for this man that is struggling. You are always in control, please be with this family as they are dealing with the sad news of sickness.
        We glorify You in all things. Please guide this country, please raise up Christian leaders that will overpower the attempts of the enemy. Let them be exposed. Let apathy die and let more Christian warriors rise up! Rise us up Lord, we can only do it with your power. Rise us up stronger, bolder and fill us with Your Presence. Let the Holy Spirit do good works in us so that we can defend our faith, bring more people to you and achieve the commissions you set forth when you created us. You are a good, good Father. Your mercy endures. We praise you Father, forever and ever, we ask all this in the name of your son, Jesus, there is Power in your name, the great 3 in 1, Amen.

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      • Thank you for your prayers….He is just today starting to feel a little better. He managed to eat a little bit. This type of vaccine I saw can also cause inflammation of the eyes as well (Jpost) as a side effect. I have read people saying “Oh I feel so free after getting my shot.” Seriously? The brain washing from this is just crazy. Now they are starting to lift the restrictions and the people want them back….Anyone ever hear of Stockholm syndrome….? Now that is what you have….

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