ReOpen San Diego: SO Thankful for Brave Moms and Dads Who are FIGHTING BACK! American Passion? Where are YOU?

We were proud participate and support this awesome cause over the weekend. It was amazing to see how many people came out to walk and show peaceful and respectful protest against tyranny and undo control.

It is so unhealthy and so mentally and emotional detrimental for children and adults to wear masks. It needs to stop.

Proof the mask doesn’t work, look at Canada and their tyrannical Socialist government with sheep-like citizens who comply to their every demand… They are currently in a 2 week lock down again! New Covid cases popping up everywhere in the most compliant country in North America!

Covid doesn’t know or care of you are wearing a cloth, it is a VIRUS. It doesn’t discriminate. The cold and flu bug has always been here, mutations of it will always arise, that is how life has been since sin entered the world. If a simple cloth can save you then where was it thousands of years ago.

Huh? How dare I speak of Canadians like that? I’m not sorry for offending you folks, that’s where I grew up. I get so fired up when people tell me they are running to Canada to escape America. It is not safe there! I think the grass is greener applies to this idea – you go and you see it’s not. It’s not better, that’s why so many people are dying to move here – to America, the land of the free? What used to be free, but nothing is ever really free is it? We need to wake up before we give it all away. We need to start charging.

Cheques, or Checks – however you spell it. Canadians have been dependent on their socialist government for so long that they have no choice, and no individual thoughts either. I hear the brainwashing every time I talk to my family. It is so sad. The citizens have been disarmed and have no means to defend themselves against their government. They are sitting ducks.

The government has issued free checks for so long that they have brainwashed their people completely! They are so scared of losing their government support that they will do ANYTHING the government says. HOW SCARY IS THAT? They cannot support themselves or their families without government assistance, does that sound familiar to you?

$2000 here, $4000 there, sound familiar folks? You’re getting use to it too. Gone are the hard-working passionate capitalistic ideals that America was founded by. We are becoming a nation of babies. A bunch of non-weaned suckers ready to do the bidding of their king.

Let’s talk about passion and America.
Did we teach our kids this?
Did we remind them that this happened to us?

It’s been a whole generation since 9/11, our worst attack in ages. Time stood still for me. I’ll never forget. Lest we forget. Remember patriotism? Remember the flags on each house? Remember the heroes that fought back, died? Remember the clean up? Remember the tears? Remember the silence? Remember how the sky shut down, no airplanes flying at all? Remember the shock? Remember families ripped apart? Remember the war? Remember.

Here’s another stink think – sniff test. If COVID was so horrible, why didn’t the airlines shut down? Why didn’t hotels shut down? Comment below with your answer. PLEASE comment on that.

AMERICA + Hard Work =

POWER, honor, respect, strength, wisdom, discernment, CARE, passion
That’s my AMERICA!

I suggest you start fighting. Fight for it like I do. I was born into a non-passionate country full of boring, mundane don’t care about anything people. No passion = complacent, dull and absolute gross.

I love my American heritage. I was so blessed to have been born into a family of 2 Americans that were just simply living in Canada when I was born. My blood burns RED, WHITE and BLUE. It was all I could do to get out of that flatlining country. Now that I am here, and I am raising two patriots, I charge you to do the same. Care and fight against socialism.

Passion must also equal caring about your country and YOURSELF. If things are strange and inconsistent – you must do YOUR OWN research. Don’t rely on your neighbors, news feeds, or DOCTORS OR NURSES. DO your OWN. It’s all there folks, you MUST care about your own health and your own future.

Information on “vaccines”

The people that will do the research for you will kill you. Bottom line.

Here’s a DOOZY – do you know that doctors are not pharmaceutically schooled? It is a totally different school of speciality – doctors and medicine. So what is actually in the medicine that makes it work is not the specialty of doctors, the pharmaceuticals are designed in labs separate from the doctors eyes…OH MY DOCTOR?!?!


Is Ivermectin a good treatment for Covid? OR a NON-FDA approved, death-causing drug masked as a vaccine?

Think on this, how is a drug that must be kept below freezing temperatures in order for it to be activated, kept at liquid form for injection into your body? comment on that below.

Pharmacy is an industry fully funded by private companies that are publicly owned. Money, money, money…pharmaceutical reps are all commission – the more they sell, the more they make…hummmmm…

Are MASKS SAFE to wear all the time?

Should children be wearing masks?

Oxygen levels and brain function go hand-in-hand. When your brain has enough oxygen, your body functions better, and you’ll feel better. As your blood oxygen levels improve, you might notice improved cognitive function, better balance and an overall improvement to your health. May 21, 2016. (google search)

Medicine is pushed so hard not with intention to make you the most healthy, it’s so they can make the most money…interestingly disgusting.


I get furious when I talk to people that don’t do their research. This whole overreactive year, and no one does a sniff test? No one does their own research? Everyone just plays along with the crowd?

“Well, everyone else got the shot, and I didn’t want to be the only one…”

Dang! They all jumped off the cliff…no parachute. And you’d thought it be a good idea to do it too?!

Man, you can’t undo it. It’s permanent.

Sigh, I’m blue in the face, sick and tired, and still crying inside. I wish so badly that people would read more, learn more, and education themselves on this stuff instead of just following the poopie butts of their fellow sheep.

John 15:13 

Greater love has no one than this:

to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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