Clean up Your Own Back Yard California! Addressing Members of Oceanside City Council and Board of Education

Members of Oceanside City Council & Oceanside School Board,  I learned so much last night.  America, apathy is dead.  San Diego is Awake.  The whole world is watching.  The Board of Supervisors meeting began at 8 am and continued on until the late evening.  Brave heroes spoke, Nathan Fletcher wore the mask of fear.  He had to face the truth.  Government is in servitude to the people, listen up.  
Oceanside is great, you guys support small businesses, you aren’t supporting vaccine passports, or vaccine requirements, however, our children are CONTINUING TO be abused.  THIS MUST END TODAY.  We deserve the CHOICE to mask or unmask.  We, the citizens of Oceanside, lift the mask mandate it is now abolished!  The Constitutional right to life and freedom will NOW BE upheld. We do not comply to mandates, we demand our freedom, and you have no control over our freedom.  That is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT.

I have called out for you to speak up.  To Rise up and Speak against Tyranny that is happening within the school board.  To advise them that they do NOT align with they way Oceanside is run.  Oceanside City Council was COMMENDABLE.  However, you chose to not reply.  You are cowards.

Councilmember Christopher Rodriguez, you ARE powerful.  I ask you to bring your Councilmembers and Mayor to the next board meeting and tell them to stop putting masks on our children.  The only OPTION we have is CHOICE.
We demand choice.  You all work for me, I am your boss, we are a city who LOVES OUR CONSTITUTION, political parties are dead.  They are decaying in the streets.  We live and breathe for FREEDOM. OPEN YOUR EYES.  

You are now deployed to defend my kids.  You will speak for the Majority.  And if you haven’t seen it, open your eyes, we are revolting.  We are disappointed, but not verbally.  In Action.  So stand up.  Speak up or I will replace you.  My Husband, my Honorable Councilmember, Christopher Rodrigues, fought bravely for this country.  Our blood runs red, white and blue.  

If you will not reply with active measures of compliance, I will run for Mayor. Here is a little bit of who I am:

I will be in charge, and with God as my witness, you will see what the power of the Lord can do.

I gave you ample time to reply to my emails.  Emails sent, because 2 minutes do not provide the time it takes to deploy the factual retaliation the school board deserves.  I demand responses in recordable writing.  Upheld by civil law.  

“You have until tomorrow at 5 pm to reply.”

Oceanside, We have a corrupt and dishonorable President and even more terrifying Vice-President. The word Vice (immoral or wicked behavior.) has never rung so true.  Please let us keep in mind, as we seek justice for the Respected and Honorable 13, that we MUST NOT let Kamila Harris become the next president.  We must remain vigilant and strong as a country.  The constitution is not a political party, it is a Divine and Awesome cord of strength that must not be broken.  
We are AMERICA.  We will not let a man-hating, 2nd Amendment killing Tyrant take the place of Biden. I repeat, Kamila Harris must not be President.  We are at the brink of a global shut down, a war.  These next precious steps must be strategic and led by God.  I beseech you to communicate this to your piers.  
We must pray, ask for wisdom and depend on God for the next right step.  Lord be with us all. Please, rise up new bold warriors for You Lord, you reign supreme.  We saw the amazing display of warriors, last night, that are armed and ready with TRUTH.  We are not veiled.  God is the truth, the light, the way.  Please Jesus, give us the next right thing to do.  
Please guide this country to freedom from oppression and evil. Let us be a country that bravely and lovingly states – In God We Trust!

In Him, Katie Swank –

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