a mother’s love


As her feeble old hands held the worn, torn Book

She opened it’s pages, and took a familiar look

She settled back into her comfortable chair

And said,” help me Lord”, a mother’s prayer.

The written words from a voice she still could hear

Spoken with hope and no trace of fear

She looked into the sky and it sparkled with glory

A glow of joy and here is her story.

Thank you mom, for guiding me

For showing me how a girl should be

When I was young you kept me safe

You took me to church and taught me about faith.

I’ll never forget your caring way

For doing the same thing, day after day

You stayed with me, guided me and kept me safe

You were there, you never left, you taught me about faith.

You taught me that when things are hard

And I want to give up and throw in my card,

To keep praying, to fall back on HIM

To always keep HIS light when the world is so dim.

Sometimes He reveals himself in the strangest of ways

You can’t expect it, only He knows our days

So thank you mom, for keeping me safe

because I was scared, but you guided me with faith.

Thank you for being the one precious thing, 

That led me to God and the joy eternity can bring

I won’t be scared when I see God’s face

Cause you kept me safe and I turned to my faith.

And now as I sit at the threshold of Heaven

My eyes start to close on the pain of this world

I am not scared mom, even though I am five

I’m more wise than you know, in Heaven I’ll thrive.

I’ll run and I’ll play and I’ll be just fine

My soul will sparkle with a heavenly shine

I’ll see you so soon because in Heaven there’s no time

Don’t worry mom, I’m not scared, I’m totally fine.

Because you taught me I’m safe, you showed me God’s love

And I’ll always be with you, I’m watching from above

So mom, don’t be scared, go to church and still pray

Remember your faith, don’t let it fade away.

Cause I am here watching, and loving you still

I’m always there in your heart, I will fill

You with joy when you need it, so you be brave

Cause God loves you more and HE has the power to save!

So now mom, I’m teaching you! Look at me I’m still here!

Don’t be mad that I am gone, mad is scary, I fear

I want you to grow in the Lord and let me be

Exactly what you taught me, I’m safe, don’t you see.

I know that you asked if I could stay there

The Lord heard your heart and every single prayer

But if you stand back and look objectively

Where the prayers meant for you? Or were they for me?

The Lord sees more than you can see

He heard my little heart, he heard me!

He knew how hard I was fighting, how strong I had to be

And he said, it is finished, come unto me.

I’m safe! I’m okay! I’m happy, I’m blessed

I have YOU as my mom, and GOD does the rest

I can’t wait to see you and hug you again

But until then mom, be safe in the Lord please, amen.

She closed up the Book, and wiped off a tear

And wiped off some cold and residual fear

Her daughter was there, and keeping her close

To the Lord and His love and that meant the most.

Above all things God is the one thing that will keep us all safe.

And trusting in Him is the one thing we can’t waste

Cause you never know when your days are done

So love the Lord, have faith, and be safe every one.

Katie Swank 2018

I wrote this after a lot of prayer and about two years of coping.  It was really healing.

to my niece,

I will always miss you.  I can’t wait to see you one day.  You changed my life the day you were born.  And you changed it again on the day you saw Jesus.  I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again.

to my sister:

A mother’s love has no end, it goes to Heaven and back again.  I love you forever and ever you see, and in my heart you’ll always be.

Life with a sick baby is terribly hard.  Life is forever changed.  Please be so thankful for healthy children and pray so, so hard for those families that struggle with life of the opposite.

Here are some links to Children’s hospitals:

  1. St. Jude Children Hospital
  2. QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation
  3. Rady’s Children’s Hospital

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  1. So powerful and such a tribute to faith. My wife and I lost our unborn third child. Faith kept us alive and moving forward. A few years after that we were blessed with another pregnancy. It was a very difficult pregnancy and I almost lost both my wife and the unborn child. We had been blessed with two very healthy and wonderful girls, so when we went through this period of time it was very scary, hard, etc. Our faith kept us going. We knew God had a plan….fast forward all these years later and our third child is a very healthy, happy young woman in her late 20’s married to a wonderful husband. My wife and I feel very blessed by God to have three wonderful daughters, three wonderful son-in-laws, an almost 2 year old granddaughter and soon to be a brother joining her. I give thanks daily to God for his faithfulness and his love. Life is certainly far from easy, but I wouldn’t have traded this journey for anything. We are all blessed. Thanks for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing your story Kirt. God works in mysterious ways. I am so thankful that I chose the path I did after going through all the difficulties I went through 2 years ago.
      I am so thankful that God has blessed you the way He has. Nothing compares to the love of a child. I really think it helps us understand how to love Him more. There is no greater love on Earth for me.
      Thank you God for Kirt. For blessing him with the life he has and thank you for his faith. I am grateful to know there is another strong Christian man leading a beautiful household. I pray you bless him and his family today in a really powerful way.
      God gives us what we can need, the blessings and the trials. He does this because we need to be strong, faithful and resilient. We will all spend eternity with our loved ones in Heaven too. How beautiful is that?!
      See ya there one day Kirt. Happy Sunday!

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