tidy and clean

I love when my house is tidy and clean

a glossy polish, a sparkly sheen

I love making beds and tidying rooms

sweeping my floor, hooray for my broom!


I look around sometimes and wonder just how

the rooms got so messy when I turned around now?

I just made that bed? I said to myself

I just washed that dish, I just cleaned that shelf


that toy? how did it get there? I say!

didn’t I just put that thing away?

and those crumbs on the floor

why do I see them again-once-more?


this room, 5 minutes ago, was all tidied up

now I see, oh no! an upside-down cup

of coffee upon the fresh-vacuumed carpet

my hands on my face, I might throw a fit!


then I look up and what do I see?

four dirty little feet walk right up to me

sweet messy faces look up and say

I love you mom, every single day

thank you for cleaning, mom you are the best

we love you mom, now should you rest?

they hand me a flower and then run away

but turn around and say,

do you wanna play?


that chaos and disorder are perfect right now

no matter what I try, no matter how

clean is not something that I’ll always achieve

but nothing is better than this, I believe

my happiness lies in better much better things

like being a mommy and all this life brings


making a mess and cleaning it up

is part of the joy, so I take one-more-cup

of coffee and go, sit down and relax

and let it all go, I won’t stress-out to the max

I’ll soak it all in, not worry and fret

cause moment’s like this, I’ll never forget!

click for storage solutions!


haha…oh man, the daily-constant-mess.  I introduce you to my life. What’s comforting is that I know it’s similar to yours, and we all know how hard it is to keep up with the chores! 💥 rhyme!

I feel so cozy when everything is tidy and clean.  Last night I sat on my couch and STARED DOWN all of those toys exploding out of the storage containers in my living room.  I just about LOST my mind.  I decided that something had to be done, BUT not till tomorrow!  Tidy and clean could wait until I had a cozy night’s rest

So, after my daughter’s tumbling class this morning, my gang and I drove straight to Marshalls.  (It’s on the way home) I had to find a solution to all the visible clutter.  Thank goodness for that place!  I love all the storage solutions they provide, sure enough, I found the perfect bench and it was so inexpensive!  Cha-Ching! Now I feel that this particular spot is organized and clean.  I am happy.

Just a side note, I got super excited when I saw that my local Marshalls store is now carrying Magnolia Homes collection!  SUPER YAY!  I love Joanna Gaines style.  What a happy find!

We all know that the cleaning battle is constant.  Once my husband is home from work, another player is added to the game!  All 4 of us are just an awesome team, I have to admit.  We typically work like a well-oiled machine.  But God bless me please through the overwhelming moments – when I look around and EVERYTHING is messy all at once.  Hahahah.  My husband usually beckons the orders.  “Mom says it’s time to clean up!  Everyone at it!”

Mom says…haha.  It’s always mom that wants things clean and tidy.  I smile and shrug.  Yup!  I do!

Work hard guys.  Never give up, but never let the mess interfere with the special moments we spend with our munchies.  They are the most important.  The time we get with them is so brief, so we need to remind each other what our priorities are: God and family!

The Bible teaches us to always be content, no matter what our circumstances are.  This is a really important lesson:

Philippians 4:11-13

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry,whether living in plenty or in want.13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

God is so good.  We are blessed to have the mess because it’s made with love.  We are also blessed with the ability and health to clean it.  Glass-half-full is always the best way to approach the things we don’t really like to do.  I might not like the process, but I always love the outcome!

God bless you.  Thank you for reading and as always, thanks for clicking on some ads and links while you are here!

I’d love to hear from you!  So comment about  the experiences you have had with cleaning, maybe share some funny stories and some encouraging thoughts?!

Bye, Bye for now!


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