Children’s Videos & Books

I have two children.  They are the best.  I love them with my whole heart.  I have great kids too.  They are well-behaved, loving, obedient, smart and kind.  I am so thankful for both of them.  This page is dedicated to the rhymes I have written for my children.

The reason I started writing in rhyme is all thanks to Dr. Seuss.  After I had my daughter a lot changed for my husband and I.  I’m not just talking the massive change of having your first child…no.  Cause if that is not enough, we had to move.

He got a job which involved a lot of travel.  So we bought a truck, and a 27″ travel trailer and hit the road.  There wasn’t a lot for us to do on the road, and I only brought a hand-full of books to read to my daughter…all Seuss.  So, after reading the same books over and over for 6 months, I guess I brainwashed myself.  I started thinking in rhyme all the time.  It stared making me crazy, so I thought if I wrote the rhymes down, it would help.  Here I am, still writing.

So that my story.  That is why I write in rhyme.  Thank you Seuss!


  1. Homie okie
  2. Feeling Sad
  3. I am two
  4. bed-night songs
  5. Feeling Lonely
  6. my Prayer for Cash
  7. Princess Rules
  8. if you feel worried or scared