a day in the life of…

I sit here and reflect on my day

I thank you dear Lord for all of the ways

you help me to fall at my knees and just pray

and thank you and praise you and humbly say


I love you dear God, thank you so, so, so much

for good and the bad and for in between stuff

I started the day with a fresh brew of joe,

and then, oh my dear, the next thing you know,

those two kids started crying and I said, “here we go…”


screaming and crying they both wanted food

and I tried to stay in a drinking-coffee-kind-of-mood

as I poured milk into the bottle for him

all that came out was a drop, oh how grim!


I reached for the bread to make them some toast

and nothing was there, just heals at the most.

a box of cereal! I think that I’ve scored

but I opened the box, and dust was just poured.


what do I do, how do I win?

I looked at my kids and I started to grin

I gave each a cookie, so judge me, I say

you try to soothe them, I humbly pray

so off to the store I went really fast

all of us dressed, all of us past

a quick check… are we ready, are we ready to go?

do I have everything I need,

I don’t even know…


off to the store I drive with those two kids in tow

I’m praying dear God, help me as I go

keep my head on real tight, keep my sanity

at least I have that, I lost all my vanity…


we got through the store after finding food stuff

and I’m telling you folks, my whole party looked rough

we waited at the back of the only line that was there

and the next thing that happened will give you all a scare.


those two those kids met their limit

right when I got to the back of the line, no gimmick

they start screaming and crying and the basket is packed tight

I can’t quiet my kids, try as I might.


and that 60 year old lady with bright purple hair

that rolled her eyes at me, I said a quick prayer

that one day I’ll be just as forgetful as you

cause I’m positive you had 9 screaming kids, not just two!


and off I flew, back to the car with those kids

snot flying, tears falling, and I wanted to put lids

on both of their mouths and tell them please! please!

I beg of you both and I’ll get down on my knees!

give me a break, help me out, please don’t cry and shout!

I need your help little ones, but I doubt

that this is the last of the trials today

I need to stay close to God and just pray


as I get home the kids are happy and calm, I sigh

so I go to bring in all the stuff, well, at least I try…

the apples all crash on my stupid slope drive

and roll to the road.. not one, but all five.


now junior is screaming, his cheeks are bright red

and the neighbors are staring, I’ve woke them from bed

please bless me dear Father, open my heart

cause my patience is draining, I need a fresh start

I look up to heaven and pray for a sign

please help me dear God, will I be fine?


will this day get any better? you said that you’re here

no matter the season, but I’m starting to fear

then I stub my big toe on the small front porch stoop

and I look and I see her, she’s covered in poop


her big eyes start filling with tears and I see

it’s smeared on the floor and the walls and on me

cause stepped in it after I stubbed my big toe

and guess what i did, I bet you don’t know


I picked up my princess and I hugged her so tight

and I said, don’t you cry, mommy makes it alright.

I’ll clean us both up and I’ll clean all the goo

n’ the walls needed scrubbing, so I’ll do all those too


don’t worry about messes, they come and they go

mommy is here, don’t you cry, we all know

that I love you forever, for good and for bad

I love you when you are happy and sad.

for days that start with stressful things

for all the ups and the downs that each day brings


the way that I love you is the way God loves me

and that is the way it forever will be.

God is good through the bad and the sad

God is good through the happy and glad

for days like this that teach me to be strong

to me, my children, you will always belong


you are worth every stubbed toe,

you are worth every tear and every woe

I am blessed beyond measure,

my little girl, my little boy

cause being your mommy

is my life’s greatest joy.


Katie Swank, 2017

Dear moms and dads,

I pray that as you read this that you would be blessed with patience and love as you go through life with all the ups and downs that each day can bring.

I pray that God would guide us as we mold and shape our children in a way that would be pleasing to him.  What a blessing and honor that we have been entrusted with these precious little souls.  The reward, I’m sure you agree, is the unbelievable joy it brings to teach them every day, hug and kiss them and tell them how much they mean to us.  When my children look at me and say, “love you mommy” my heart melts into a puddle.  God shows us a tiny glimmer of the love he has for us when he gives us our children.

God is so good.  No matter what your circumstance, no matter where you are in your life.  Look at those precious children and thank him for all He has given us.  Our time here on Earth is a blink of an eye, just like those few short formative years.

I pray for all of us.  I ask God to bless us as parents that we would try our best, let Him do the rest and live a life that is pleasing to Him.

IMG_2093 2


    • Thanks a bunch. I totally loved reading every blog posts you have too!
      God has blessed you. You help us see the lighter side of mommying. And Remind us that we are not alone in the daily joys/pains of Parenting. Please keep writing. I pray that God fills your head to overflowing with all the silly you need to keep going. You are awesome. Your words are so powerful. There is NOTHING better than those belly laughs we had while driving yesterday. I read your stories out loud. Thank you so much! ☺️🙏🏻🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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