My Humpty Dumpty Day

Psalm 30:2

Lord my God, I called to you for help,
    and you healed me.


I don’t know how

to do it best

I Simply try

give God the rest.

some days come

and I just shrug

man, a doozy

downward tug

snowball effect

every attempt

days like that

feel contempt


I’d rather sit

in my bed

covers over

my spinning head

mom’s don’t get

that luxury

we keep spinning

gotta be

always on

always ready

always willing

always steady


yet, nope not me

I stumble

I fall

I trip

I bruise

I crumble

my wall


This Humpty Dumpty

stupid day

goes down in history

like they say


this downward fall

that stupid crack

inside my head

“you Simply lack”

all the skills

to be the best

you’re not like them

not like the rest

THEY figured out

how to be

Golden eggs

that’s not me…


how silly minds

tell those lies

“you’re not perfect,

like other guys”



no. one. is.

sinful mind

lies like those

satan’s kind

no perfect one

on this earth

only Jesus

Heaven’s worth


so, everyone has

days like this

comfort comes

panic dismiss


no girl here

big or small

rich or poor

short or tall

has ever done

this job well

God’s sweet Grace

lives to tell


keep on going

through the muck

days like this

give you what

you need to get

through another day

flexing muscles

the soldiers sway

back and forth

goes the path

building character

careful math

balancing out

your daily life

that’s what days

full of strife

teach us all

to lean on HIM

or your left

down and dim


So I won’t wallow

on that day

I’ll chalk it up

to sin and say





God is here

Today is HIS

I will trust

focus bliss


submit to Him

my whole life

give to God

all my strife

Say I’m yours

no matter what

I am sorry

I won’t give up

I will fight

like you command

that was hard

but you understand

the book of life

is waiting ready

when I’m feeling

so unsteady


some might say

there’s no right way

yet, I dismiss

and fully say

the Bible’s there

with rules so clear

just be ready

to graciously hear

things you need

when you are broke

humble servant

ready to soak

up the lesson

there’s always one

don’t let yourself

come undone

shoulders back

on to the next

sturdy stance

passed that test


so the days

that make me fall

Please put me back

up on that wall

and fill the hole

that once was there

that’s this mom’s

forgiveness prayer.


There are some days that I just hang my head and focus with all I have on all the things I did wrong & that I wish I had done that better.  I wish I could know the right way to handle things.  I wish I knew how to be the best person, the best mom, the best wife, the best friend, the best sister, the best daughter.

I wish I just could be that.  All of my flaws float to the surface.  I see them all at the same time and it’s so overwhelming.  Like I’m sitting in the bathtub of my life and all my issues float up like those annoying toys that just won’t sink.  Bobbing around as I try to smash them down, mocking me with their floatiness.

There are days where I feel so exposed.  No confidence, no guard, no personality, no life.  Just like a flat cartoon character that has fallen from that cliff.  I feel empty.

I don’t know how I can go through a whole day like that and not even think once to pray. How am I still so blind – after all that I have done in my Christian walk?  How can I go through 24 hours like that and still feel like I can do it on my own?  I don’t get it.

So, I am thankful once again for this blog.  It makes me realize that I need to share my life in a real way.  Expose the insecurities, the falls, the daily experiences so that I can remember to fall on my knees and submit myself to God.  I can’t do life without HIM.  He is the answer to days like that.  Who else would have the glue to fix a Humpty Dumpty day?

Only God.  He is the comfort and strength that I need to get through the toughest day.  Only He provides the answers.

When I have an empty bucket day, I start attacking.  Like an innocent adolescent child.  But I’m not a child, I am a grown woman.  I have these expectations that I MUST live up to.  I can’t fail, I can’t do things wrong, I can’t make wrong decisions, I can’t let others down, I can’t.

And that’s the simple answer.  I CAN’T.  I can’t do life without my Savior.

So thank you God, for days like that.  I am on my knees, right where I know I need to be.  This is me.  I am broken.  Please heal me.  I love you with my whole heart.  Please help today be a better day.  I trust you, I want you and I need you.



  1. Thank you. I am having this very day today, despite how richly He has blessed me. I know persecution makes us stronger and better equipped to help others, which I believe we are here to do. This is a brutal world, I know as it didn’t used to be this calloused, or lonely. Neighbors picnicked together, people returned phone calls, friends were friends and you didn’t hurt them with your Jezebel Spirit. God bless you, sweetheart. You did your spiritual work for the day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • God is good all the time, Sara, isn’t he?! Thanks for such an encouraging post. I’m happy that God is using this blog as encouragement and support.
      Even through a Humpty Dumpty Day we can praise His name cause we are saved and not trapped in the moment. There is freedom in HIM! That peace far surpasses any ol cracks we get through life.
      God bless you and I pray that the rest of your week is full of fun & happy surprises 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amen! It is so important to praise Him during the storms. Have you noticed that after every storm, there is an incredible blessing/lesson immediately afterwards? You are making a difference in this world, my sister. XO


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