Those Who God Sets Free…

God is so good. I feel like it’s so important to share this with my sisters in Christ. Let’s not focus on the doom and gloom and get ourselves spin out or consumed by fear – Jesus told us that only the Father knows when the end will be – he allows us faith and choice to have revival again.
All of humanity thought the end of the world was ending 100 years ago during WW2 when Hitler was brutally killing the Jews in mass genocide.
We thought it was happening during 9/11. Any time we feel threatened, we assume it’s the end. And doesn’t that assumption make you want to give up? Well mommas, we can’t. We must rise up!
Today, 2/22/2022 – the most empowering thing to focus on is truth. Revival of the church and the draining of the swamp. The truth is prevailing and, yes, it will be painful. All growth is. It is going to be uncomfortable and we will have to fight back against what is wrong. And we will. Because that is how God designed us.
One day all faith will be turned away from. But that isn’t happening now. Faith is growing. True faith. Trust in the Lord, sister. We are not alone. And as true wisdom states – the game isn’t won by showing your cards. Wisdom is working and it is powerful because it belongs to God. He will empower those who He will use to defend freedom and glorify Him.
Let’s always trust our Creator. Let’s never waiver and never fear.
If David didn’t implicitly trust God, would he have defeated Goliath? If Moses didn’t implicitly trust God, would the waters have been parted? If Esther didn’t fully trust God, would she have even spoken to King Xerxes? – the dude from the movie 300?! For real tho – 8 feet tall!
They all trusted God and accomplished the will of our Savior- Freedom!!
We must remain grounded in truth. Know your power. Know your rights. Watch videos on the Bill of Rights to start small – and work your way forward. Knowledge is Power and you must impart that power on your kids. Watch the videos with them. Talk about it as a family. Remember that you are here NOT BY ACCIDENT. God blessed you and had you born in America. On purpose. You were born free. So be free indeed! I love you. Stay strong and let’s always put on the full armor of God. Amen!

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