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My Handyman. xo

I feel like we scored with our last Costco Run.  We just bought our home 2 years ago and we LOVED IT.  It was our “perfect home”.  There was NOTHING we would do to change it.

Yeah, and then we moved in.  And we lived in it for a couple months and EVERYTHING had to change.  haha.  I am sure you can relate.  There is a really cute children’s book about this “not-so-perfect house phenomenon” that I love reading to the kids.  The poetic timing is fun to read, and I can relate to the entire story.  You have to buy it!

So back to the Costco Run.

We scored with this new hallway light.  It was $25 and it will totally hide 1980-something hanging from the hallway ceiling.  We already replaced my daughter’s bedroom light with one of these and it is such an awesome upgrade.  This product is Swank Approved for cost-effectiveness, simple installation, and great appeal.  Plus it will hide the octagon mishap lurking behind 1980-something.

Then we found these gems!

These pendant lights were also a big score!  We are going to change out the two pocket lights over our kitchen table with these!  I think they were only $20.  I can’t find them on the Costco site. But I did find them on Amazon for a better price than Costco!  Only $17.81!

Lastly, we bought 2 of these coach lights for the exterior.  They replaced the tired old lights that rooked our garage door.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 8.54.16 PM

These lights are daylight sensing and our old ones were not.  So oftentimes, we left our lights on all day and all night, and that was not cost-effective.  These new lights are perfect for our home.  The LED lights are insanely bright and we will never have to change a light bulb again.  So yes, Swank Approved.  They exceeded our expectations and are really pretty.  We are very happy with this purchase.

My husband is so hot, oops! handy, he does all of the lighting replacements for me.  Thumbtack is a resourceful and free site that allows you to find a local handyman that can safely do all your light replacements.  It’s super dangerous to do electrical work at home.  Do not do this work by yourself if you are not a licensed electrician!

We got some Pretty Sweet deals Costco and Amazon and I am so pumped to share them with you.  Thanks a bunch to the online shopping sites for shipping smiles and savings all over our great nation!!!



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