Harnessing God’s Power – A Prayer.

Scruffy face

eyes that pierce

mangled hands

always fierce

Arms that lift

unlimited weight

legs that carry

legacy’s fate

A heart that’s hardened

to the rest

a mouth that cuts

down all the best

Power fills

each room you grace

others are humble

when they look at your face


You. have. no. fear.

most say you’re crazy

the things you do

Still a bit hazy

Climb to heights

that most won’t see

Grab with bare hands


The volts flow through

your body, and so

the power of GOD

you personally know

In a way that others

will never feel

have you ever thought that

as you’re climbing the steel?


The power you have

feeds your fuel

no one can see

how you dual

Battle inside

every day

this is hard

the mask you stay

Fixed on your face

so others won’t see

the pain inside


You crave escape

from your mind

you’d do anything

to leave it behind

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 8.34.43 AM

I pray for you

that God would show

Himself to you

His awesome Glow

That somewhere deep

within your heart

there will be

a loving spark

A longing for

Salvation’s way

that is what

I humbly pray

That someday when

I leave this place

get to heaven

I see your face.


My prayer is that

you leave behind

all the blocks

up in your mind

That tell you not

to go God’s way

tell you life

is all okay.


It’s not the best

that it can be

without God

I pray you see


Cause I pray for a man,

a warrior strong,

saved by grace

and you belong

In a line

of sinners now saved

a powerful man

showing others the way

Someone like you

signed up with God

could change the world

the path you trod

Those massive boots

the imprint of you

impacts so many

they think highly of you.

They respect your command

with every word

imagine life

if what they heard


Imagine this…

now you are saved

you changed your life

defeated the grave

Live with hope

that’s fresh and strong

you are God’s

to him belong.

Imagine the prayer

I pray for you

imagine your life

born again, now new

Imagine the gift

of eternal life

Imagine letting go

of pain and strife

All it takes

is one small say

and a heart that’s ready

to give it away

Speaking to the Creator

of life itself

He takes your sin

put’s it on HIS shelf

You give to God

what you cannot hold

You humble you

and now life unfolds

In a brand new way

that you never imagined

cause this is you



Standing tall

making your mark

as Christ now dwells

inside your heart

the shadow you cast

changes the lives of many

and when you see God

and his GLORY

He says Welcome

my courageous Son

look at Heaven

look what you’ve done

The line of people

waiting to say

“Thank you for heaven

we are the lives that were saved.”

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You may be strong

you may be big

intimidate others

snap ’em like twigs

with the glare of your eye

“don’t tell me what

mind your own business”

But, I’ll never give up!


I’ll always be praying

I’m praying for you

I pray you hear

His voice that’s so true

I pray that you listen

when he comes to call

and he knocks you right down

on your knees you will fall

You ask for forgiveness

and see a new way

live life for HIM

that’s what I pray…

Mark 11:24 

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

I’ve met many people in this crazy trade. I see them all as powerful warriors doing what most won’t do.  A small fraction of people somehow designed to hang from helicopters, stand boldly at heights that intimidate the birds, and work with electricity – the power of God.  I see them all as the bravest, most honorable men that have graced the earth.  They are heroes.

Many of these people seem to have a screw loose.  They have colorful pasts and interesting lives.  I know because my husband is one of them.  I still see him struggle every day.  I pray this prayer for him continuously.  Even though I know he is saved, I continually pray that he stays strong in the LORD and his relationship with the Creator forever grows and remains his comfort when things get hard.

My husband is a champion, he is respected by powerful people in his trade.  Respect comes natural for him, that is his legacy and his essence, that’s how God made him.  I love him.  I am so blessed to be his wife.

There are many people and families that we have grown to love and respect in our Linelife Journey.  I pray this prayer for two people in particular.  I pray that God is there in the most obvious way,  smashing powerful and positive knocks that makes them think, “huh? Who are you?  Why are you here now?”

It’s God, He is there and He want’s you to sign up.  He wants you to drag from your old life and sign up with the best contractor ever – God.  He is dialed in with a plan like you have never imagined.  He will never let you down, never leave you, never stop loving you and teaching you how to do life better.

There is NO NEGATIVE to this life.  There is only hope of heaven and a life that makes sense.  Here’s the catch – You get to forgive the poisonous stings of the past.  You get to stop drinking away the pain, stop cleaning up life with ungodly distraction and get to focus on real special stuff.  Stuff that is good, that is exciting and that gives you a comfortable place to rest when your everything is tired.

So there.  I’m praying for you.

Watch out.  God created you, he is the essence of electricity.  He harnesses and created lightening – that which has NO measure.  Imagine that now, I’m praying to HIM – FOR YOU.



  1. I really liked this so much! Very strong and powerful. Thank you for following my blog. I may not post real often these days because of my disease and all the things it’s sending me thru right now.
    It’s my hope you’ll go back into my archives. Maybe they will bless you? I pray so

    Liked by 1 person

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