This is a happy day. Thanks for a fun first year!

A year you say?

hip hip hooray

I’m happy I’m here!

I am here to stay.

See, I had a hunch

and it really worked out

that’s what this blog

is mostly about


A little nudge here,

a suggestion there.

Solutions to problems

like way too much hair!


Itchy dry skin

that wore me so thin

My prayer of trust

music’s a must!


This blog must convey

I humbly pray

Loving my Lord

and sharing His word

Writing my story

how can it be heard?


Rhyming is good

my soul’s sweetest song

Creating some rhythm

I feel I belong

to a world that makes sense

as long as there’s rhyme.

It makes the sad happy

most of the time.


This blog has been good,

this blog has been bad

It’s been so healing

Happied my sad

Thanks for the year

Thanks for the trust

Thanks for reading

Promise you just

Keep on with faith

So strong and so true

and keep loving God

as much as you do!


It’s so fun to look back on the last year of growth.  I have learned so much about myself in so many ways.  I thank God for His love and Guidance.  I love sharing my Christian life with all of you.  I am changing so much everyday and falling more and more in love with my faith.

Thanks to all of my friends that have read my posts, taught me new tricks, prayed with me, laughed with me and befriended me.  I really appreciate all the suggestions, the reprimands, the instruction and the praise.  I didn’t expect to last this long with writing rhymes, creating art, inventing new things, overcoming obstacles…it’s become such a healthy outlet.

0E4CBE26-B424-4CE7-8D2D-532107E6B606I love Simply My Swank.  It’s here to stay.  God bless you.  Thanks again for such a fun year.  Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 7.43.45 PM.png


  1. Happy First Anniversary Blogging on !! I know as long as you keep writing and keep God centered in your life you will be perfectly fine. I do keep God and Jesus Christ both centered in my life. The Holy Ghost is alwaya there with answers we need, I am happy to read your blog my friend and peer !!

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    • thank you for reminding me about keeping God first. It’s always happy to accept encouragement from friends. I do love God and I pray that this BLOG helps others see that this life makes sense. IT is how we were designed to be. There is no other answer. God Bless you, thank you for reading, for helping for your kind words. God is good all the time!

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      • I am happy to have reminded you to keep God first in your life. Yes we must admit we love God with all our might mind and heart. I was happy to read your post. You are welcome for the kind words reflected what was in my mind and heart. God is good all the time.

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