Inspirational Rhymes

This is the meat and potatoes of my blog.  I pray that God uses my words to inspire the world.  Becoming a Christian has changed my life.  I now have hope, reason, joy, and purpose – to name just a few.  Now I’m excited to share my new life with all of you!

I am so happy to talk about my faith and to include inspiration from the Bible.  I enjoy writing with rhymes that inspire me to challenge sin and encourage me to love God more.  I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.  God bless you!

  1. The BEST Way to Rise to the Top is to Bring Others with YOU!
  2. Muddy Waters
  3. A simple letter, written for you.
  4. Angry Power
  5. Prayer for Motivation
  6. My Scars
  7. Raindrops
  8. Morning Prayer for Clarity
  9. Sick at Christmas
  10. I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!!
  11. America
  12. Lineman Strong!
  13. Fear, you are a LIAR!
  14. Prayer for Joy
  15. Morning Prayer for Peace
  16. True Love Stays
  17. Who is Greater?
  18. Trust and Obey
  19. The MapScreen Shot 2018-09-29 at 8.47.05 AM
  20. Our Morning Prayer for Success
  21. There is Power in the name of JESUS!
  22. Eternity on Earth
  23. Leaps of Faith
  24. There is this Girl
  25. Fall upon Me
  26. Embracing Detox.
  27. The Purpose of Sorry.
  28. Laundry
  29. The Light of Life
  30. In Color
  31. God Gave Me You!
  32. When words aren’t enough
  33. I am thankful for the Atheist
  34. LOLA
  35. I am two
  36. the Trinity
  37. let me get this off my chest
  38. The beach
  39. Daily Dose
  40. Princess Rules
  41. “Hi God.”
  42. bed-night songs
  43. if you feel worried or scared
  44. A Blog is a Powerful Tool!
  45. take time to stop and stare
  46. look around little one…
  47. Christmas in May?
  48. a day in the life of…
  49. the devil’s toy
  50. a mother’s love
  51. my Prayer for Cash